Does Proxify offer dental insurance?

What is the salary like at Proxify?

Proxify offers a base salary plus the opportunity for commission. What is the typical work week? A typical day for us is 5 hours. Most of our support staff are based in the US which means we have a flexible work-from-home policy.

How much does Proxify pay in terms of total annual compensation? Competitive compensation. What is the starting salary? How much will I make after 3 years? Do I have to have specific experience to work for Proxify? You don't need to have any experience with data or blockchain. With a bit of effort, you can learn. Our platform was built by and for techies so most of our team didn't come from tech backgrounds. Our team has been able to rapidly implement technical solutions without necessarily requiring any formal education or previous experience in this field.

I am looking to change my career direction and am interested in how Proxify can help me accomplish that. What questions should I ask the recruiter? Please tell me about the benefits you offer. Great benefits including health insurance, 401k, paid vacation and many others. What is the education requirements? Some universities require a degree but there are ways around this (eg paid internships). Proxify is actually an international organization, and as such all employees have citizenship to support. We do not check your nationality for employment, so feel free to check out our Careers page and send us a resume.

Can I request for a position that is not listed? Yes, we are always eager to hear from you. If you have heard about a position that you think would be a good fit for you and want to reach out to us about it, please feel free to do so! Will I have the ability to increase my pay based on my performance? Our pay is competitive based on the market. Most companies won't even let their employees negotiate. We believe in transparency. We disclose information about our compensation plans so that candidates can find a role that matches their skill level.

Is there career growth?

Does Proxify offer a yearly bonus?

Proxify offers some incentives for users, but these are not annual bonus. You can read more about those on our FAQ page.

What are the monthly fees? This depends on your usage and the volume of traffic. If you are on our priority service, Proxify will offer you 20% extra capacity. You may also opt for our premium service, which provides you with higher-quality content and even more traffic.

Is Proxify available in other countries? Yes, Proxify is available in other countries. But not all of our features are available to you. In particular, if you want to set up more than one proxified domain from your IP address, we have to be contacted to set this up for you by our Customer Service team.

Does Proxify host my content? No. If you are a content creator or a publisher, Proxify simply creates an automated proxy to your website so that your website and its data are not visible to others. It does not host the content you create on your own domain. Instead, it just acts as an intermediary to help you make your website available to all the internet audience around the globe.

How do I setup my site? Our most basic package comes with one IP address, but if you would like more, you can always upgrade your account to use multiple IP addresses. Just contact our Customer Service Team and they will quickly take care of setting up your account.

What if I'm already using a Proxy? If you are already using a proxy, Proxify will automatically detect it. However, if you are not, then follow the below steps to set up a Proxify on your domain: Sign up on Proxify. Our registration process is very quick and simple and you get a unique login ID and password.

Log into your Proxify dashboard and click on the Account tab. There you will see a list of all your domains that are already set up on Proxify.

Does Proxify offer malpractice insurance?

Yes. If you don't want the coverage, you pay more for that privilege, but then you can't use Proxify. We're still in the process of moving that information to this page.

How much is Proxify? See here for details about Proxify's plans and pricing. You also get 25 GB of storage in the cloud for your Proxify data. The price will be about the same whether you pay monthly or annually.

How is it different from regular Dropbox, Box or OneDrive? It's more than just a file-synchronization tool. You can also email a file directly to someone else from within the system. You can also search the entire system and find a file using any of several different criteria (by project name, file type, when it was created, etc.) Proxify has access control to give you full permissions control of files stored on the system. You can have other people make changes to files stored on the system, and you can assign specific permissions to give different people read/write/delete/etc. Permissions to different parts of a file. Proxify supports Office documents, Office drawings, PDFs and other files. And Proxify offers version control as well. Versioning of all types of files is an important feature of the Proxify service.

Is there anything I need to know about Proxify? Our legal technology experts put together a whitepaper on Proxify for lawyers. You can download it here.

Can I add folders or subfolders in Proxify? When you download a folder from Proxify, you can save it in its own folder. Or you can have folders within your main folders. There's no limit on how many levels deep you can go. See here for instructions on how to do that.

Can I work offline in Proxify?

Does Proxify offer dental insurance?

If yes, in what situations would it be required?

Yes, unfortunately Proxify doesn't offer dental coverage. As you mentioned above, our focus is health insurance and the reason being - we are one of the first companies of this type of insurance. If you fall below this number, your business isn't big enough to warrant the type of insurance costs that are associated with dental coverage.

Are there age restrictions to become a Proxify subscriber? Underneath the application (below the credit card screen), you will see the ages you can sign up under the heading, "Are You A Good Candidate? Once you have selected Yes, you can then scroll down below that and enter any desired ages under "Additional Restrictions". Please note, not all plans are available to individuals below the age of 65.

If I sign up for multiple insurance plans with you do I pay the maximum allowable for each plan or can I split payments? You can additional amounts to any monthly payment, however when you add in your total amount per month, you'll need to pay the maximum sum allowed each month. This ensures we only ever pay the maximum allowable.

Are you the only insurance company to offer life, dental, and disability insurance together? We currently offer this type of insurance. There is an option under the "Plans" category on the home page to change to a plan that includes Life, Long-Term Disability, and Dental. Simply open your plan by pressing the arrow at the bottom left side and scroll down. At the bottom you'll see where you can add these plans. You can still add dental by hand but the default option is only for life.

How many plans are there? You can sign up for as many of our plan options as you'd like. Once you're signed up to one of our plans, the option to change to a new one is below the "Change Plan" button at the top left corner of your dashboard. From there, you can simply scroll through our plans to find the ones that work best for you.

Should I choose a plan based on its premium or term length? We offer a variety of plans depending on your needs.

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