Proxy Benefits

These days it never hurts to be mindful of your privacy when you are surfing the Internet for business or leisure. Unfortunately, there are some people out there that are just waiting for the moment when they have the opportunity to eavesdrop and sniff information from a dedicated IP address.

If you want to add an extra level of security when you are browsing the Internet, here are a few different options for you to consider.

Browser Based Proxies

Browser based proxies are perfect for people who like to keep things simple while protecting their privacy browsing online. You do not need to install any special software or sign up for a monthly recurring subscription. If you use Google Chrome for your regular browser, this is known as an 'Incognito Window.' All you need to do is click on this option and you will be surfing anonymously. If you are using Internet Explorer, this is referred to as 'InPrivate browsing.' In Mozilla Firefox, this option is called 'Private Browsing.' In Opera, this is referred to as 'Private Tab/Private Window.' By using these pre-installed privacy measures, you can browse your favorite sites in confidentiality.

Web Based Proxy Services

Another option for securing your privacy while browsing online is by using a web based proxy. This is a relatively easy way to visit sites privately, but it requires an extra step to get to your destination website. In order to get to your destination website, you have to first visit the site that works as a proxy and enter your destination in their search box. For the most part, you can rely on these sites to serve up your surfing experience anonymously as long as your browser is compatible with the website proxy site. Some of these proxy sites may require you to browse in frames, so this is a technical issue to take into consideration before using them.

Smart DNS Proxy Servers

If you are willing to pay a fee to secure your Internet browsing, Smart DNS Proxy services might be the choice for you. This type of proxy uses a specified DNS number that connects directly to a proxy server. Using this proxy service, clients are enabled to connect with a number of different sites that may be restricted based on the user's location. This type of proxy can be helpful for web surfers that want to bypass restrictions and access sites that are blocked. The only issue that users of this type of proxy might have is that their connection is not encrypted. Further, this proxy service alters the DNS of the device so it can access blocked content.

The TOR Project

TOR is one of the most recognized free software proxy services currently in use. There are many different ways to surf privately using TOR. TOR is available as a stand-alone browser or you may alternatively use TOR as a way to filter all of your network traffic. When you are using TOR your queries and information is encrypted while it is being relayed. Every time your data is relayed through another computer on the complex network, it adds another layer of anonymity to your web browsing experience. While there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding TOR, this proxy service offers great protection for anyone who wants to protect their privacy when they are using the Internet.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Network, also commonly referred to as a VPN, is designed to encrypt all of the user's outgoing queries and directs them to a confidential server to facilitate a secure connection with the destination website. Depending on the VPN service you are considering, they may offer limited free access or upgraded, paid subscriptions. Some of the benefits of using VPN include the availability of thousands of servers in multiple countries, features like IP cloaking, encrypted connections, identity protection, and uncensored access on high-speed connections. To add another level of protection, many VPN proxy providers do not keep access logs so no one has the ability to track your activities online. This type of proxy is compatible with nearly all Operating Systems including Windows, iOS, Linux, Android and OSX. For the convenience of their users, many VPN proxies support multiple simultaneous connections for maximum user security.

No matter what your reason for wanting to keep your online activities private, you should have no issues doing this using any of the methods discussed above.