About GetProxi.es

What We Offer

Finding, checking and cataloguing web-based proxies is what we do! Our database contains the largest collection of Glype and PHProxy powered web proxies available on the internet; constantly checked and updated to make sure you'll be able to find a fast proxy to access your favourite websites with both anonymity and privacy. There are a thousand and one sites out there offering lists of proxies. We differ from these others in several important respects.

Freshly Checked Proxies

The proxies in our database are regularly checked by our automated scripts, to make sure they are still working, and are still running at a decent speed.

Redundancy Planning

Any slow or malfunctioning sites are removed from our main database, and are kept in a backup table for checks in the future.


There are many reasons for proxy websites to go down, and it is often just a temporary measure. Our checks make sure that the proxies we feature are fast, and more importantly accessible.

Geo-Location Data

We check the physical location of each proxy featured, and include details as to it's IP address, country of it's hosting and even what region of that country they are situated, if available.

Bypass Restrictions

You can choose a proxy from a specific country if you need to access a website that is blocked or restricted in the country you are physically situated in.

Automated Proxy Discovery

We have our own web spidering software up and running; it's sole duty is to find new additions for our database automatically, without relying on manual submissions or searching to find new proxy sites.

What Information
Do We Supply?

General Information
  • Proxy Address (URL)
  • IP Address (IPv4)
  • Country (Geo)
  • Last Checked (Time)
Technical Information
  • Software (Script Used)
  • SSL (https Enabled)
  • Proxy Health (Accessible)

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