Where do I find my notifications?

How do I get notifications to pop up on my Samsung screen?

I have the M10 and use it daily.

I also use an iPhone - but can't find any info on how to 'push' notifications to my phone while using the M10 as a watch. Thanks

Get notifications on your Samsung M10. Hello, thank you for choosing this answer! I will assume from your post that you're on the Samsung GT-B8270 Android Wear version. I'll take the liberty to use my Galaxy Note 6 since it's the next generation device. To my knowledge, there's not that many apps which support push notifications on older devices like the B8270/B8560. Here is what you'd have to do:

) Open up Apps > Settings > Notification Access > "Wearable Notifications". Please note that only notifications from apps in the playstore, are supported. Also, they have their own thread in this forum.
) Go to your phone. Go to Applications > Apps > All Apps > Go to "Samsung Appstore" and download one of the apps below. One of them will definitely work for your phone version since they use Wearable Notifications.

If you feel something is wrong with this answer, let me know so I can fix it for you. Thanks for your support! I'm using my Watch, which is a samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Round, it's running on the GT-B6580//K9200 version. However, I can't send or receive push notifications. How do I do it?

Hi, thank you for the suggestion. I tried these steps out but the watch does not show me the options to "Receive Wearable notifications", "Receive notification content" & "Inbox view". The menu on my watch screen looks completely different than the images on the video. I did install the Galaxy Watch app on my phone though.

I'm still new to this, so please excuse my ignorance. But can someone tell me which watch do I need to be able to use these notifications? The ones listed on this post are for round watches (with face-to-face buttons) so I'm assuming I need a round watch with the latest version of android wear as my display size, right? I have an LG G3D running KitKat (Android 4.4) I am trying to find information regarding notifications.

What are the different notifications on Android?

What are the different notification alerts on Android?

By: Alex B. Smith There are 3 main types of notifications in an Android app. They are defined as follows: Sounds are generally used in-app, to inform users of a specific condition in the app. Vibrations: These alerts will use the vibration setting on the device. LEDs: These alerts are used for general messaging, they are similar to SMS alerts. These three notifications will vary in their behaviour based on the particular app they are in. We will cover these options in more detail in the next section of this article.

The following diagram summarises the different notification settings available in Android: Android Notifications - Notification Types. How do I create notifications in Android? There are 2 main ways to create a notification alert: From a service: All services in an Android app should be able to send notifications. Generally, the methods used to send the notifications are as follows: Intent . AlarmManager . NotificationManager . MediaNotificationManager . NotificationBuilder . Context.

If you need help with how to use any of these methods, there are multiple guides and examples out there. From a broadcast receiver: A broadcast receiver is a class that receives specific types of notifications from the OS. These broadcasts can be either user-defined or system generated. If the app is in the foreground and not a background service, then the app will receive the same type of notification as it would from a service. The methods used to send the notifications are as follows:
How do I define notification settings for an Android app? The main option for configuring your app to make its notifications is the AndroidManifest.xml file.

You can make changes to the following properties: Notification channels. This refers to the particular channels for messages to be sent to the notification tray. Interstitial messages.

Where are my Samsung notifications?

I have been using Samsung galaxy S7 for almost two weeks now and have been very happy with the phone.

However, I find that I have lost all my notifications. I used to have them on my phone and can only remember having to use something on Google play to check them, but now it seems I don't need to. I have turned on notifications for everything but nothing appears when I receive a text or call. Can someone help me?

Where do I find my notifications?

For notifications, you can click the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page to view your current notifications.

If you want to keep track of more than one user's notifications, you can click the name of the user that you want to track to see a list of their notifications.

I forgot my password. How do I get it back? Click "Forgot Password" in the upper right-hand corner of the page to reset your password. This will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

Why did I get a notification on a different device? If you have multiple devices signed in to Google Play, your notifications will be sent to all your devices. How do I report a problem with my app? You can submit a problem report to Google. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click the three dots icon to open the menu. From there, select "Report a Problem."

How do I download my games on my device? After logging into your account on the Google Play Games website, click the "Downloads" tab in the top menu. You can download all your apps, games, and movies from your account on any supported device.

How do I delete an app from my device? You can delete apps from your device by visiting your apps page in the Google Play Store. From there, click the name of the app you want to delete to open a dialog box with the "Remove" button.

How do I update my Android version? When you update your device, you should receive an update notification in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can click the update notification to install the latest version of Android on your device.

How do I connect my account with a new device? If you want to use your Google Play account with a new device, you can import your account information from your existing device to your new device. How do I sign out of my account? From the homepage of the Google Play Store, click the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. From there, select "Sign Out."

How do I install an app? To download and install an app, go to the Google Play Store and find the app you want to download.

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