How to set proxy for Visual Studio Code?

How to set proxy for Visual Studio Code?

I'm using Visual Studio Code for my development.

I set proxy with 'System proxy settings' to access internet. But I noticed that, sometimes, my proxy settings doesn't work. It looks like:

I tried to set this setting as Global, but it's also not working. I already tried these steps. Set system proxy in code. Set system proxy in VS Code preferences. Restart the system. How can I fix this problem? It seems it is a bug. I found the solution from this link.

How do I turn off proxy in Visual Studio code?

I have a Visual Studio code (which is a Git extension), which will be run on a windows machine which I do not own. The git version has proxy settings and I would like to change them for my project. I'm not sure how to do it though.

If you're not familiar with it, here's the VS Code screenshot: The easiest way to turn off a proxy in the settings of the git extension is to edit the .gitconfig file (which is where the settings are stored). If you want to turn off proxy for just your current repo you can add this line to your .

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