How to configure Visual Studio proxy?

How to set proxy settings?

I want to change my proxy settings from http to socks5.

And then how do I run my application (web app) behind that proxy? Is there any configuration file or something where I can change my proxy setting. If not, is there any way to do it programatically

The Apache HTTP client does provide SOCKS5 support, which you can enable in your .properties file by adding this line to the ClientConnectionPool property list of the HttpClientConfig section: httpclient.setProxyConfig(Proxy.newProxyInstance(.));
The details of which proxy to use for each socket connection you get from the pool can be specified by specifying the various settings as follows: httpclient.ProxySelector.socksDial=localhost
Httpclient.socksProxyPort=1080 httpclient.socksUsername=username httpclient.socksPassword=password The latter part may be required, as that's a more generic way of determining what the username and password will be. In particular, if you don't provide the username or password, then the user/password pair is assumed to be "nobody"/".

If you are using an SSL/TLS proxy, then you need to configure it via the system properties And ssl.truststore.dir.

How to set proxy in Visual Studio 2017?

I'm using Visual Studio 2023 Enterprise. I want to use the proxy. It's very important for me because I work from home and I need internet. Here is what I did so far.

In Visual Studio, I opened Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->Web. I click on the button "Connect using a proxy server", selected "Automatically detect settings", then choose the port # for my computer: 1087.

I click on Apply and OK. Then I added some code into my web project for debugging. For example, I added some console application code that will print "Hello, World!" to the console. But I see "0.00 second(s) of Elapsed Time" and nothing happens. When I debug the project without this console code, it prints "Hello, World!

I don't know what else to do. I found many ways to setup proxy, but it didn't work for me. Can anyone tell me how to configure proxy correctly? Thank you!

You can set the proxy for each solution or workspace, but in your question you mention the "web". So, if you have multiple projects, go to Options -> Projects and Solutions. There you can choose your proxy server for all projects. If you want to just use one solution for debug/release, you can also create a separate solution for that and set the proxy.

How to configure Visual Studio proxy?

I am having trouble to configure Visual Studio to work through proxy.

I have tried both the way provided by MSDN and other articles provided on internet. None of them have worked for me. The following is my scenario:
I have installed Visual Studio 2023 SP1, Windows 8. The proxy port is set as 8080.

I have added one web.config file as in the below image.
. . . . . . . . . My client machine does not have any proxy set up and it connects to our server using the FQDN as My application is deployed under this machine. Once I run my application and debug it, I get a window asking me to set proxy and hostname of the proxy server which gets automatically selected from the list provided by the OS. On Windows 7, if I have both Internet Explorer and Chrome open, my application works without any issues. However, when I open Chrome or IE alone (without using Internet Explorer to open my application), I get connection error saying something like HTTP request sent to the proxy server failed. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. Solution: Configure your client machine to use a proxy of your choice and then use the correct proxy settings for Visual Studio to work.

How to set proxy authentication in Visual Studio Code?

My friend gave me this proxy url when he was having a problem downloading the Visual Studio Code from the official website.

It's the "unofficial" download link: I'm having problems setting up my Visual Studio Code as proxy. I don't know what to put in username and password in the settings.json file that I've downloaded. The tutorial I followed, this one, is not helpful:
You need to follow below steps to configure the proxy settings for visual studio code. 1) Download the zip of the extension from above link and unzip it. 2) Go to 'settings.

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