Can I block a specific app from being downloaded?

How do I block certain apps on my iPhone Reddit?

This is a common question.

How do you block apps on your iPhone? Is it possible? Apple Store has very strict rules on blocking an app from being installed, so there's no easy way to do this.

That said, if you're willing to use the jailbreak community, you can easily block certain apps on your iPhone. You can use an app called Banjax or use Cydia Substrate.

How to Block Apps on iPhone Reddit. Here's how you can block apps on your iPhone in case you're not familiar with Cydia Substrate. It is basically an app that you can use to run code that will allow you to block apps on your phone. This is not permanent, but you can do it at any time. Here's how it works:

First off, you'll need to download and install the free app, Banjax. This will allow you to block apps on your phone.

Open the app, and select Block at the top of the screen. The screen below will then pop up. You'll see the name of the app you're trying to block. Below that, you'll see how many times that app has been blocked. If there's a red X by the name of the app, you'll be able to unblock it.

Scroll down until you see a list of the apps you want to block. Tap on the app you want to block, and tap Block App. Now, the app will be blocked. This will keep it from running on your device.

However, when you try to install it, you'll be given a warning that it's been blocked. Tap on it to install the app.

It's important to note that you won't be able to get the app that you want to block, or any other app that you have previously unblocked. This is just a temporary measure to help you to keep your device clean.

You can read more about the app by clicking here. This is a method that can be used for any iOS device, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can use this method to block apps on your iPhone as well.

Can you block certain apps from being downloaded on iPhone?

Is it possible to block certain apps from being downloaded on the iPhone?

I don't want to be a bother and spam some contacts with my number because i'm getting bored of looking for something else to download. I know I could just erase them from my phone but I'm more interested in having something done so I don't have to be bothered with the question every time when I want to install an app. 3 Answers.
You can create your own iAds as part of your application, and if a user chooses to download it you can prevent them from downloading it. More details here.

To block an app, however, you need to be jailbroken - as well as modifying the Cydia application used by other Jailbreakers (it's available from Cydia). That means modifying the binary files on the device.

To do this you'll need to find a tutorial on using the Terminal application. It's not difficult, but a bit tricky. It involves setting up SSH and entering the device.

The above page has a simple tutorial. You'll need to use the package installer application, available from the Cydia App Store, to install a package. There are several guides that use this tool to install additional packages, and then block an app. If you look for "iPhone Package Blocker" you should be able to find one.

Alternatively, since the iPhone is locked to Apple's App Store, you may be able to remove the offending package from iTunes or Cydia, and then install it again. If you search for "remove from iTunes" and "remove from Cydia" you will get lots of results.

If this doesn't work, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone. This page has step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process. For those of you who are familiar with Windows, this process uses terminal commands to enter the device.

Also, be careful as a few people have received a "jailbreak" request when they didn't intentionally request one. There is a difference between a jailbreak and a jailbroken iPhone. See Wikipedia.

Well, if you're not comfortable editing the CFBundleExecutable or the CFPreferences.

Can I block a specific app from being downloaded?

I am creating an app that is similar to the play store.

The application will allow for users to download applications, if I were to have a problem with an application such as the following: The application will need a phone number from the user, and will ask the user to send it to the application using a text message. After it sends a text message, it will go back to the main screen and allow the user to download the application. The problem is that if someone wants to block this application, they can still send the message. They simply block the application from receiving the message in the future.

How would I go about preventing the application from being able to send the message? I am new to Android Development, so I am sorry if this is a silly question. I have tried researching on Google, and haven't found anything that would help me.

Re: ? Originally Posted by jakea5. This is called "App permissions". When you're developing your application, you can give it permissions to access specific kinds of information (such as your location or contacts) so that they only get access to that information when it's needed. This will prevent anyone from viewing those permissions in the settings, as they won't be able to see them until they need them.

But, if they decide they need access to your information, then they can access it by requesting it.

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