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We are closing down our website operation after 5+ years of serving the community with web proxies. Our entire database of such proxies is now available to purchase and download for your own uses. This database includes all the proxies we were showing on the website at time of closing, along with a large number of other proxies that we tracked separately and have NEVER been featured on the website. The data is supplied as an .xlsx file, a .csv file, and a mysql dump. Information given includes IP address, location and average speed. You can download a preview of the files here:

Payment for the database is made via cryptocurrency. As this product is a digital download no refunds are offered. Data was last checked in September 2021, so we can offer no guarantees regarding freshness, and these files will be for informational purposes only. If in doubt, check the sample data provided in the link above. Only make a purchase if the data is what you want and is in a format you can use.

Database Stats

Database dump contains:
1063 total proxies, 635 (59%) of which were not shown on the website

There are 653 distinct IP addresses in the database

597 Glype
217 PHProxy
137 PHP-Proxy
76 miniProxy
12 CensorDodge
8 CGIProxy
8 KnProxy
5 phpmyproxy
2 Surrogafier

Country Stats

United States - 470
Germany - 129
United Kingdom - 94
France - 58
Netherlands - 55
Canada - 43
Russian Federation - 33
Denmark - 15
Japan - 14
Czech Republic - 13

...and 44 other countries included in the database.

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Current Stats
1,063 proxies (597 Glype, 217 PHProxy,
249 other proxies) in
54 different countries on
653 IP addresses in
1 database
12 new proxies added in the past week

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