Which companies use HAProxy?

Is HAProxy still used?

We are migrating the architecture of an application to the Haproxy pattern.

Our application is a REST API. Does that mean we should no longer use HAProxy? (We are very familiar with the "load balancing" patterns and can handle the load well.)

I would recommend having something in front of HAProxy which checks for successful HTTP connections. Then you can have either a reverse proxy or an application server (say nginx) proxying that backend to your services, but I'd consider using that connection checking server in front of HAProxy. That way you could make use of the features of HAProxy, while having something checking against a database for successful connections.

How many employees does HAProxy Technologies have?

We've got a few hundred.

The majority are engineers, but we do have a small sales team.

What is the company's legal form? We're a privately-held company with no publicly traded shares. We're currently preparing to go public.

What is your company's business model? We build highly available software products that we sell. How many products does HAProxy Technologies have? We have five products: HAProxy, the open source load balancer and high-performance reverse proxy; HAProxy-Modules, the popular open source library for building high-availability applications; HAProxy-Persist, a high-availability persistent data store; HAProxy-Api, a high-availability API for building systems such as HAProxy; and HAProxy-Cfg, an XML-based configuration format. What do you sell? We sell software and services. Do you use any proprietary technology? No, none at all. We believe that open source is the best technology platform there is.

Is your company profitable? Yes, very. What are your top three most important products or services? HAProxy, HAProxy-Modules, and HAProxy-Persist are our top three. We work very hard to make sure they're of the highest quality.

Does your company have a code of ethics? Yes, we have one. What is your company's future market growth? We're on track to achieve this goal. What is your company's total addressable market (TAM)? We don't have a TAM figure because it's difficult to calculate. For example, we don't know how much our products cost or how much of our software is sold to large enterprises. We'll get a better sense of this as we go forward.

What is your company's product strategy? We have a product strategy, which is to develop and sell innovative software products that we think customers will find useful. We've been doing this successfully for over a decade.

What is your company's competitive advantage? How do you balance product development and revenue growth?

Who is the CEO of HAProxy Technologies?

Our CEO, Michael McCosker, is an Open Source Software Evangelist based in San Francisco.

He works full time on HAProxy as the company's CTO. His focus has always been to advance the state of technology for open source and provide real world examples of how software can benefit businesses and governments.

Michael was co-organizer of openSUSE Conference USA which took place in Las Vegas during the first quarter of 2024. Michael is a regular speaker at events such as LinuxCon US, O'Reilly Strata, and LinuxWorld Expo and has worked on Open Source projects such as the NVDB, the FreeBSD kernel, and of course, HAProxy.

Michael holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from North Dakota State University and a master's degree in computer science from Iowa State University. You can follow him on Twitter (@mwcos).

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Michael's son William McCosker who passed away unexpectedly in early April 2024. What is HAProxy? HAProxy (highly available proxy) is a non-blocking network traffic accelerator capable of performing many of the services of a load balancer while providing scalability and failover capabilities. HAProxy has high performance, a simple design, and a flexible routing protocol that is easy to deploy. HAProxy provides many common features and interfaces, making it possible for administrators to configure it without learning their way around a command-line interface. The program is free, open-source, and distributed under the Apache License 2. It is used by tens of thousands of people in a wide range of applications.

What's so special about HAProxy? HAProxy isn't just another load balancer, it is designed to scale. As servers scale up, HAProxy scales automatically to provide more resources. When clients are scaled down, HAProxy takes back the system resources. It can be used as an HTTP cache or reverse proxy for web servers or to implement sophisticated Internet firewalls.

High availability is a core part of HAProxy. It provides automatic failover in the event that any of your servers are unreachable. Using the Round-Robin algorithm, the server with the least number of requests in progress is chosen to handle incoming requests.

Which companies use HAProxy?

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Within the General Programming forums, part of the Platform Discussion category; I know that there are HAProxy users out there. In my experience, HAProxy is very slow, but it does a .

I know that there are HAProxy users out there. In my experience, HAProxy is very slow, but it does a good job at what it does. My question is which companies use HAProxy in production? I have a friend who works at a company that uses HAProxy, but I don't know if it is in production.

Re: Which companies use HAProxy? I work at a company that uses HAProxy in production. We do use it for all of our load balancing.

I use it for home servers, but not for my professional servers. If I use it, it's because I can't find anything else to do the job properly (which makes sense given how slow it is). I'm surprised to hear that it's used at some companies. What kind of tasks do you use it for?

Originally Posted by jpflannery. I use it for home servers, but not for my professional servers. If I use it, it's because I can't find anything else to do the job properly (which makes sense given how slow it is). If I use it, it's because I can't find anything else to do the job properly (which makes sense given how slow it is).

Home servers, load balancing and traffic shaping. I am currently working with a big company that uses it for all their internal webservers. If you know of a really good book for the beginner then I would really recommend it, especially if you're a windows guy like me.

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