How bad does muscle scraping hurt?

How bad does muscle scraping hurt?

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How bad does it hurt.

I never really thought about it but now that I know how it is being scraped off I have started to do the scraping myself if needed, I just don't know what the correct way of doing this is. The old woman I use seems like she scrapes the muscle off a little and then pushes it with her fingers while rotating the skin a little with a pen. I am trying not to hurt myself.

The reason why its not advised to do it yourself is because it requires that you push your fingers or pen into your skin repeatedly for a long time which is not only gonna cause discomfort but it will also increase the risk of infections. The best advice here is to go to your doctor and get him/her to do it for you. He/she will know better how to make sure you don't injure yourself in the process as well as advise on where you should scrape from.

Well I do my scraping at the gym and there are no problems with me doing it myself. I don't think you should scrape too hard as a rule though as it will hurt.I scraped at home once and it hurt badly. There's no need to scrape hard you can just rub your skin gently without too much pressure and when you stop its pretty easy to remove all the muscle tissue.

You could argue that you shouldn't scrape hard when home then why scrape in the gym. I have used many methods of muscle scraping, all work but all have caused me a lot of pain at some stage in my process.

I would recommend getting a doctor to do the scraping for you. It is important that you find someone that you know and trust and that you have regular injections so that you don't get any infections. The other thing that is important is that you do not clean the area afterwards unless you want it to get infected.

Is scraping supposed to hurt?

You bet it does.

But not in a typical 'badness' sense. Let me explain.

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Is muscle scraping good or bad?

It's all about the direction of traction.

If you scrape, it will help with adhesion and healing, but will decrease the life span of the patch.

If you cut, it will heal well, but it is an extreme stress and tearing the tissue (which can cause rejection). My advice is, if you want to heal it, scrape it is the way to go. A great many people scrape it too much though.

To keep from scraping it to much, start with a very light scratch, barely breaking the skin, use the smallest of a knife blade as needed. I'm actually curious to try this myself. I have been trying so hard to convince every one on here, and my own personal research that you should be doing a deep cut instead of a scrape. With this way, you only take a couple of your fingers off, so why is it any different than removing just part of a fingernail.

I know the old saying "Don't ask a doctor for medical advice". But seriously I am wondering if the doctor has experience with the body itself versus cutting on the skin. Because that is exactly what I would like to know.

I did a cut/scrape last week on my shin and I didn't think anything of it then. I woke up in the middle of the night with a severe pain in that area. I wasn't sure what was wrong so I just scratched the area where I felt the pain. I could feel the patch coming off the top and it was really itchy.

Here's a question about how you go about scraping or cutting. When you are done scraping, and the patch feels firm, do you let the bandage dry? I know that if you keep bandages wet they don't really stay in place as well.

Or should I just throw a gauze bandage and be done with it. I didn't want to just put it over top of the raw flesh after I removed the patch, just in case there was a little bit of infection.

Also, if anyone knows if there are a certain types of gauzes that would work better, what you may want to use instead of a thin gauze cloth. I heard you should use a thin cotton cloth, but the problem is that gauze may not fit the size of the surface area so easily. But thin gauze isn't very good either.

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