How much do substitute teachers make in Orange County Public Schools?

What do you need to be a substitute teacher in Orange County Florida?

The education system is facing massive changes, as well as budget cuts.

What exactly does it take to be a sub or substitute teacher in Orange County? In the next five years, California's public schools could have to cut hundreds of thousands of educators. That is up about 15 percent in just five years.

If school districts go through another round of drastic budget cuts this fall, some are likely to cut educators as soon as next spring. To make matters worse, many school districts are expected to eliminate their entire adult education program next spring, leaving tens of thousands of teachers who teach in the state's adult education programs without a paycheck. And what was once a thriving industry in Orange County has turned into a ghost town. There are only about 50 teachers and two substitutes in the county now.

Teachers in Orange County have been cutting into their personal savings to cover the cost of buying health insurance and to buy classroom supplies like pens, pencils, and paper. It's a struggle that only increases every year.

But with the state facing major budget cuts, it will have to come up with an easy way for school districts to handle the cuts. There's no question that the system is under great stress, said Bob Wiesmann, a former teacher and director of teaching and learning at Cal State Long Beach. And the problem is we know there's going to be more money cut from the system and we know there's going to be fewer people because the numbers are going down.

Some districts are already using assignments to cut costs. That is a practice where a teacher subbing for an absent teacher is given a new set of students. The teacher would get a new roster sheet and be expected to go into a new class, just like if they were teaching at a new school site.

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