Is there a reverse isekai anime?

What is the most realistic isekai anime?

The topic of this thread is about isekai anime.

I want to hear what anime you think is the most realistic anime, and why.

Anime like Bleach and One Piece are more fun because its just what i'd expect from anime. But the anime you pick should represent this question and not just be a show like Shokugeki no Soma or FMB. For a great isekai anime, check out some my answers on Why don't we have isekai anime anymore? or What's the next isekai anime that will blow your mind?

I want you guys to tell me what your answer will be. Please also tell why.

In the beginning, isekai were mostly unrealistic. But with every series that came out, more isekai anime came up that we could say was realistic. So when it came to the final result (Real or Not?), the anime has to come first. That's my answer. Is this good?

I've personally really enjoyed all isekai anime I've watched over the past couple years, starting with Bamboo Blade and continuing through Deathnote. I'm still very much in the 'anime should entertain first' camp. When it comes to the most realistic, you really do get the feeling that it wants to entertain, but that it was just written by a bunch of nerds who couldn't draw up a coherent storyline. Which is kinda why I think isekai are still around, because they still have the same problems as before.

Most isekai anime seem to be pretty real-seeming on the surface. They focus on these characters and how they work together to solve all the problems. Sometimes there's some sort of gimmick, like Ichigo punching his brother to death. The twist in many cases is that the isekai setting turns out to not be real or how the story is completely different than we thought.

Well it depends on the genre of the story. Isekai usually start off is some kind of fantasy or science fiction. Then you end with something like "the world was destroyed". Then you have the dark version which is usually sci-fi horror, like Ghost in the Shell. Then you get the typical yakuza where you have this story about a man from the city living in the country, and everything goes wrong as soon as he goes back.

What isekai anime is worth watching?

In a nutshell:

In case of me, isekai or jailbreaking anime are series I have watched and enjoyed because the premise gives one hope, despite how depressing they may be.

The concept, sometimes a theme, is that people don't just wake up without memories or without anything, they wake up in some kind of prison and are set free.

That premise sounds depressing, but when put on screen, isekai-anime makes for a happy ending or at least it gives them an excuse for the depressing thing that follows. The most well known example of this is probably Gurren Lagann, where a high schooler wakes up without memory or any knowledge of the time being a living machine. Despite this misfortune, the world is still at war, and he has to work with an overgrown robot to get home. Despite the dark mood that goes on for a large portion of the anime (it has since been animated into a darker tone), there's just one hell of a fun show for me.

Another isekai anime was released this month, Code Name: S.K.E.R.: Comrades of the Two Worlds, an episodic anime made by GREE in 2023. Though this anime doesn't tell a whole new story, it does an excellent job of taking the original game series and turns it into an isekai spinoff with an awesome premise.

Like Gurren Lagann, Code Name S. Is a comedy where death is a big deal, but can become hilarious as a result. The two worlds of the original game series come to life, and the heroes and villains of Comrades live in said worlds, bringing a sense of danger without killing off the protagonists entirely. And best of all? They're a little bit dumb. What more could one ask from an isekai anime?

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, S. (an acronym for Special Tactics and Logistics team K, or K for short, a codename for the team) takes place on Mars after the Great Destruction, a cataclysmic event during which an apocalyptic force caused major damage to the planet.

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