What is the best tool to scrape paint off wood?

What is the fastest way to scrape paint off wood?

and why do the websites/boards always make a conversion of rubwilling, sanding, and striping to build on starting with new lauferpaper?

First of all the fastest technique (if it is applicable in your situation) is to cut the area if the "damage" out of the wood, peel off the old varnish with some pearlescent wax, apply, let it dry and then sand as smooth as possible. In order to do this, you can either cut obliquely (diagonal lines) or straight. Cutting in random pattern will complicate matters.

If you're sure that the varnish which peels off of one piece (by small pieces) turns into particles which sticks onto another piece when the new glass layers are applied, you can quickly try solution A (you've used it in comparable circumstances before): First soak the "damaged" fibres in clear IPA (in order to shift the colours of the old varnish). Then clean the 2 pieces according to A with a soft (non-abrasive) brush and you get something like this: Now sand the fibres (about 200-300 degrees) with #1000 and polish with #300 to remove all roughness from the fibres (left: earlier step). This step has to be repeated after 1,5-2 years if the new coat reveals any imperfections left by the previous action.

The only danger with this technique is that you could lose all near-visible surface polish if you sand too much with abrasives. You have to be very careful and avoid deforming the panels. HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is an instrument which allows the researcher to observe even milligrams of the sample whilst it is being processed. You must verify your silver varnish in a fluorescent scanner able to produce spectroscopy. If you don't have such an instrument, you may get close results just testing for colour difference between wavelengths between 320 and 380 nm (Ballschmider et Altmann 1981). Those measurements should easily boil down to numbers between 91 and 108.

There is one more possibility if both steps from above splendid for you but in my remaining time I'm not able to was a Leica guide to Varnishes published in the Bay Area Bee Report from March 1985.

What is the best power tool to remove paint?

For those of us who work in jobs that require removing paint, we spend a good deal of our time using air tools. Nothing compares to the convenience, efficiency, and strength of a shop vac/drywall:ammo combination for applying kitty litter to frame and bowl walls, spotchecking grout, varnish complete re-priming, and full-scale renovations to wood and vinyl siding. START HERE FOR ZETTERA AIR HANDLING TOOLFBAR SEARCH
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