What tool do you use to scrape paint?

How do you use a paint scraper on wood?

That's not something I have done, but something I recently learned, is to use a piece of scrap metal with some gingerbread tools.

Tools needed: scrap piece of plywood (if using similar kind of wood). Scrape (a type of wood scraper). Shiny side of discus towards edge, and an old Chinese brush (for color similarity). Wooden bead, paintbrush, and paint (for color difference). Rubber Cement or Wood glue, or similar: Take a small chunk of beeswax on a bar of soap and rub it into a piece of scrap wood with fine emery paper - just like a brush. Ah, there are lots of videos demonstrating this :) My answer comes straight from an old fence post that I varnished several years ago. I did what was called a "blind wet sand" which showed promise.

The idea is rough out the entire area of large sanding disk works well. Dry the post thoroughly and use 3 or 4 types of sandpaper. Lots of different grits (typically 80-150 is great for outdoors fencing). 3 coats of paint is ideal for the final product.

I went online to find more information and found. The article had several good recommendations for sanding, media for remaining one step down from the final finishing. Lots of people were recommending 2nd - 4th layer of media (3 at most). However, there were also several people who recommended rubbing up-and-down first to quickly rough out the wood and then used progressively finer media, starting with 080, then 100, then 150, then 180, to finish the job.

I also referred to another article that I found here. In practice, give the wood two or three passes with 180 then 100 followed by 50, then possibly 25 if you like the look.

What is the best power tool to remove paint?

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What is the best tool to scrape paint off wood?

I have a bunch of scrapes on my exterior walls and would like to get rid of them.

Chances are, the tools you're using will not do the job. After scraping with a putty knife and sanding, you still have the putty marks (aka scrapes). This is the time to upgrade your tools to get a better job done.Whatever you use, it needs to be fine-toothed (like a putty knife), have a stiff blade, and be comfortable for long periods of time. Sandpaper often will scratch the paint away after scraping and sanding.

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What tool do you use to scrape paint?


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Don't worry. This is my small way not to hear continuous screams from my neighbors about the noise of scraping.

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