How do I get a free Windscribe account?

Can I use Windscribe for free?

Yes, if you can connect with your own domain name, you can use Windscribe for free. Can I use the free version of Windscribe without downloading the software? If you are interested in the features that come with the free version, please see the question on "What features does the free version have?". Does the trial version of Windscribe run on Windows, macOS or Linux? The trial version is Windows-only and can be found here. Does the trial version of Windscribe allow me to use the VPN on multiple computers? You can use the trial version on up to 5 computers at once, but after that it will ask you to purchase a subscription to use on other devices. Can I use the free version of Windscribe on Mac OS X? No, the free version of Windscribe is not available for Macs. If you want to use a VPN on Macs, you can use Tunnelbear.

Is there a free version of Windscribe for iOS? Yes, if you have a subscription to the service, you can use the free version on iOS devices. You'll need to download and install the free version of TunnelBear from the Apple App Store.

If I create a rule that says "When I use this VPN I will use an alternate DNS server", how do I use that rule on devices that don't have access to a network? You cannot use rules for this feature. However, you can add a rule that only runs when you're using the VPN.

Can I use Windscribe as a host-based VPN? Yes, you can connect your device directly to the internet through your router. This can provide faster connection speeds and better security than a VPN. It is also much more simple, since you don't need to install any software on the device. To learn more, see this article: How to use host-based VPNs.

How long will my Windscribe subscription renew? Your subscription will renew automatically within 24 hours of your payment or when it expires, whichever comes first. You will receive an email when it expires, along with a link to renew your subscription. You can also manage your subscriptions here.

Can I use Windscribe for my personal projects?

How do I get a free Windscribe account?

Windscribe customers get our internet security for free. It's easy to get a free Windscribe.99 per month and you get 3 months of free protection too. That's why we call it the 'FREE' Internet Safety from Windscribe'.99 and you will receive a free 30 day subscription.99 monthly. This is how we do it. Windscribe gives you the safest Internet, the fastest speed, no bandwidth caps, no phone connection required and they are fully encrypted! We love it too. Get Free

What makes windscribe so safe? If you need more security for your internet safety, go for more protection. And what makes us so excited about windscribe? We provide all-around protection because we believe there is nothing safer on the internet than windscribe and that's why we call it 'free Internet Safety from Windscribe'. The following are the reasons why windscribe is the best internet safety service on the market today. Get Free

Windscribe works in the background. Your internet uses the resources on your device without you having to worry about anything, because windscribe automatically updates all over the day.

Windscribe doesn't rely on a monthly contract or charge. Windscribe is the ultimate solution for protecting your online security. Windscribe is more effective for keeping your identity anonymous than any other. We don't track, record or share any info! If you choose to stop using windscribe, then windscribe will also stop tracking you. No phone numbers, addresses, or other info about your devices on the internet is recorded or shared.

You have the power to change how windscribe uses your data, privacy settings and bandwidth cap by simply clicking on the 'my' tab in your account. If you see something that you disagree with, just click 'not right' and you can change that settings.

Is Windows 10 or Microsoft Internet Security 2023 necessary? Nowadays, many people use Windows 10 as their operating system. Since its release in 2023, hundreds of millions of PCs have been launched. At the moment, about one quarter of all computers in the world use Windows 10.

Why is my Windscribe not signing up?

I have a desktop, it can't access the internet but yet my Windscribe is still not signing up? I am a bit of a novice with these kinds of things and would really like to know how to resolve this. There were no issues when I last checked and it all worked very well.

I had a similar issue with MyWindshield and got no further then being logged in. I then checked to see if I could get back on but there were no accounts so I tried one from one of my Windows 7 machines (had never used Windshield before) and the account was added perfectly. The solution that works for me is just use a different VPN service provider.

Windscribe was purchased by Blue Coat (owned by EMC) and they are currently in a transition period where they are attempting to find out what their future plans are moving forward. If you log in to your account and scroll down the page in the top bar there is an information screen where you will see a status message. Click on it.

If the message says: Signing Up Successful and the window shows that it will sign in 5 seconds. If it says Signing Up - Try Again in the case above click on Continue. If it says Signing Up- Wait 60 Seconds and Resubmit. If it says Signing Up- No Change Click on Sign In. It sounds like you may be in the same situation.

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