How do I connect my Android 13 to VPN?

Why is my VPN not working on my Samsung phone?

I have been trying to connect to my VPN on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (GT-I9505) and it does not work. I have been trying to get this to work for the last few days. I have uninstalled, reinstalled the app, tried the settings app, but nothing works. This is a bit annoying because I have family members that I need to stay safe and I am at work. The VPN has to be able to work on my phone so I can stay connected. Does anyone have any ideas?

Comments. When you uninstalled the VPN app, did you uninstall it from the main menu? If not, do that. Then try to re-install the app from your phone's main menu. If it's not installed, it will find it and install it.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S5, this is a pretty well known issue. I think it's a problem with the network provider. I would try to contact them to see if they have a solution for you.

As for your phone at home, make sure you're only using that as a hotspot. Or, if you do need to connect at home, you could set up a Wi-Fi network in your home and connect to that instead.

As for your family members, make sure they don't have their phone's data roaming enabled. In general, if you're having an issue connecting to a VPN on your phone, it usually means that your network provider is blocking or intercepting traffic going through their network. If that's not the case, then there are usually other network settings on your phone that need to be tweaked. For example, if you use a 4G signal, make sure your data network is set to 3G.

I don't know how your provider is set up, but I always make sure my data network is set to 3G when using a VPN. It's pretty common that it's not set to 3G, and that's what causes the problems.

You should be able to connect to the VPN if the provider is correctly set up. If not, you might have to use the network settings to manually set your connection type.

How do I set my data network to 3G?

Does Android 13 support L2TP VPN?

I'm looking at using the stock Android on my Samsung Galaxy S6.

I'd like to use it to connect to a VPN so I can access the web on work when I'm on vacation. I have the app OpenVPN installed but am not sure if I'll be able to use that with the new Android 13 (forgot the name).

The Android 13 comes with L2TP VPN support built in, however it seems that this is only supported for devices with screen sizes of 720p and above. It does not support the lower resolutions of 1080p or 720p. It will also not support tablets, which is good as it is not designed to work on tablets. However, if you are looking to use it on a tablet, you could possibly use a phone to access the internet through your tablet.

I currently have an LG G3 that I plan to replace with a Samsung S6, and I was thinking of going with the stock Android on the S6 instead of getting a Samsung Experience on the S6. However, I would have to use a different VPN app, as I'm not sure if OpenVPN will support L2TP VPN.

I just want to know if the stock Android on the S6 will support L2TP VPN or if I'll have to use a different VPN app. I don't mind using a different VPN app, but I want to make sure I can access the web while on vacation.

There's a couple of things you need to do to get the L2TP support on a phone: You need to download the vpn service app, "VPN Service". Then, you need to add a client profile. Note that if you already have the openvpn app installed on your phone, it will be added automatically. Also, if you don't have the "VPN Service" app installed, you will see that it's a "Missing Provider" when you go to connect to the internet through the app. I'm using the stock Android on my S6 now and I've had no issues connecting to a L2TP VPN with it. I just recently upgraded to Android 13 and I'm currently using OpenVPN and it works great!

How do I connect my Android 13 to VPN?

I have a Huawei 13 Duos and it seems to support 5G connectivity.

How do I connect my phone to a VPN service?

I have purchased a used HTC one M7 at about the same time as the EOS 200D came out. My phone is now over 3 years old, so maybe no longer support 5G connectivity? But if not can anyone explain how I can access 5G data? (it was working with AT&T 4G LTE network last year). Thanks in advance! 5G, 5G WiFi or 5G Edge, is only available in certain markets or in China. In most places, when someone says "5G" they are really referring to "4G with a very high downlink speed."
In your case, you said you're using AT&T's LTE network but that's not 5G, but LTE. You can't buy 4G phones or 5G service from AT&T and as far as the FCC is concerned, 5G doesn't exist anywhere in the USA, even for Verizon.

It is possible that the device uses an older spec of LTE, which may work with 5G, however it doesn't do the 5G stuff as far as AT&T is concerned.

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