What is the passing score for the WCNA exam?

What is the passing score for the WCNA exam?

How many people take the WCNA exam?

There is no official number for how many people take the WCNA exam each year. What are the admissions requirements? The admission requirements for the WCNA exam are based on a student's grade point average and SAT or ACT scores. The minimum grade point average for acceptance into the WCNA program is 3.5 (AA, A, B). The minimum SAT score is 1600 or ACT score is 30.

What is the minimum score for the WCNA exam? The minimum score is 70 for the reading section and 80 for the writing section. ? The passing score for the WCNA exam is 90 for the reading section and 100 for the writing section. How much does the WCNA exam cost? There is a cost for the WCNA exam. What are the benefits of taking the WCNA exam? The benefits of taking the WCNA exam are that you have an opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills, expand your vocabulary, and enhance your critical thinking skills. The WCNA exam is highly recommended by teachers who use the WCNA study guide. What are the WCNA study guides? The WCNA study guides are based on the format of the WCNA exam. They are designed to help students prepare for the WCNA exam.

What are the topics covered in the WCNA exam? The WCNA exam covers six areas: Reading. The WCNA reading section contains three essay questions. Critical Thinking. The WCNA critical thinking section contains four essay questions. Writing. The WCNA writing section contains five essay questions. Research. The WCNA research section contains two essay questions. Literary Analysis. The WCNA literary analysis section contains four essay questions. What are the sections of the WCNA exam? The WCNA exam is divided into three sections: The WCNA study guide provides detailed information on the test format, the scoring guidelines, the WCNA exam sections, and the WCNA topics covered. What are the WCNA exams offered?

How hard is the WCNA exam?

The WCNA has been running a series of podcasts about the WCI.

This first one was recorded on Friday, June 19, 2024 and is about the examination. The next two, recorded on July 2 and Sept. 15, are about the WCI and the next one, recorded on Sept. 25, is about the Board.

What is the purpose of the exam? It is designed to allow you to assess your own competence. It is like a driving test where you drive past several examiners and have to say whether you are able to safely do so. It is a means of assessing your ability to read at an acceptable level in a limited period of time. It is a means of checking your preparation for the WCI.

How many questions do I need to answer? The number of questions will depend on the number of chapters in your textbook and the number of questions you have prepared. There will be 10 questions to read each chapter and two to answer. You can expect to get about 12 questions per hour.

Will there be any time limit? There is no time limit but you have only 60 minutes to read and answer each question. Can I use dictionaries or thesaurus? Yes, you can use a dictionary or thesaurus as long as you cite it in the answer section. Do I need to study for the exam before hand? No, but we recommend that you go through the course at least three times at short intervals. When is the exam and how long does it last? The exam is held on Mondays and Tuesdays during the winter term. It takes about four hours to complete.

Is there a book or course to help me study? As a student you should be studying from your own notes. However, if you do not have the time, or you find it too time consuming, then there are other books which will help you to prepare for the exam. The WCNA has a list of suggested books, along with some other useful links, on its website.

Is there any prep course or exam preparation available?

What is the objective of WCNA exam?

Exam objective is to help the candidate develop his / her capabilities in all fields.

It is not a means to rank people in the society or for that matter any career. It is a means of assessment of the skills and knowledge of an individual.

Who are eligible to appear in WCNA exam? Candidates having Bachelors or equivalent degree are eligible to appear in this exam. What will be the syllabus of the WCNA exam? The syllabus of the exam consists of two parts: Part I and Part II. Part I is divided into 10 questions each. Topic wise there is 25 marks for each question. The time allowed for completion of the exam is 1 hours. Topic wise the questions are as follows: Human Behavior and Development. Sociology of Crime and Deviance. Crime Prevention, Policy and Administration. Criminology. Social Control and the Police. Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. Prison Administration and Reform. Criminal Justice and Corrections. Sociology of Law. Corrections. Part II consists of two questions each. Each question is worth 3 marks. The total marks for Part II are 50. Which is the toughest course for WCNA exam? Sociology of Crime and Deviance, which is included in the syllabus of this exam. What is the weightage of the first three topics in Part I? All the three topics have 25 marks each. Which topic has maximum weightage? Criminology and Social Control has maximum weightage. What will be the total weightage of all the topics in Part I? 150 marks. Can we retake the exam? Yes, you can retake the exam. What will be the weightage of the last two topics in Part I? Criminal Justice and Corrections have 25 marks each. What is the total weightage of Part II? What is the weightage of Part II?

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