How do I access my Netflix account?

How do I pay Netflix by phone?

With over 65 million members worldwide, Netflix is the world's largest streaming video on demand (VOD) service. From TV, movies and documentaries to satisfying interests, there is something to suit everyone. With hundreds of titles available at any time, it's easy to keep your favourites in the loop with our smart recommendations. And, with thousands of titles in every category, you can be certain to find something for you!

When you subscribe to Netflix, you receive: There are a few ways to pay for your subscription. You can either sign up for subscription billing or pay for your subscription fee yearly.

Get pay-by-phone VISA or MasterCard debit. To pay by phone, you need a PIN number that will stay with you for 12 months. After you've set your PIN, you'll be able to pay your subscription fee by phone with a secure payment transaction.

If you don't already have a PIN, you'll be able to get one through your registered bank. The PIN can be used to make future pay-by-phone purchases within the same 12 months.

You can also purchase any amount of time up to your yearly subscription limit within your PIN timeframe. No minimum time period applies when you pay by phone.

Pay for your subscription fee. To pay for your subscription fee by phone, you'll need your Netflix membership number and the PIN number. Use one of these options to pay: In person at the nearest Netflix retail location or call our Customer Service Centre at. (800) 782-1668. To set up your plan. If you prefer, you can pay in person at the kiosk. To do this, visit a retailer or head to our kiosk page to make payment.

First time Subscribers. To pay for your subscription by phone, you need your Netflix membership number and the PIN number. Use one of these options to pay: (800) 782-1668. Which debit/credit cards can I use online?

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