How much should I charge to scrape a website?

What cities are hiring for Web Scraping jobs?

The results of previous posts suggest that the highest demand for Web Scraping skills in Canada is in Toronto. Here's more evidence.

The top 5 Canadian cities that are hiring for web scraping: Toronto Vancouver Montreal Calgary. The top 5 US cities that are hiring for web scraping: Seattle New York Los Angeles San Francisco. I've seen jobs listed for web scraping for companies in Texas, France, the UK, Denmark and Australia. So there's plenty of demand for web scraping.

42 comments. Even though we have a ton of languages and frameworks, it'd be great for companies to hire people who can write good code in them as well. I think the point of web scraping is to turn a batch of info into clean code so it can be deployed in an app, not just run as a web service.

I agree that web scraping with good code is very valuable, but the issue is most companies don't hire for that. They hire for who knows the most Jquery (or JavaScript, or Django) now they have a person who can write a line of code. If they really wanted a web scraper, they would want something more than that.

We are waiting for some consolidations before we do salary negotiations. But these have been pretty clear cut anyway except maybe for the first one.

How much does a Web scraper make?

Let's say you stumbled upon a get-rich-quick gig online. You don't do the work you hire it out to someone else. The scammer is the guy or girl who works out the details of the scam, the person who tells their scammer what kind of information to crawl, and the person who collects the money for the resulting pile of scam.

The online scammer often does their dirty work in one of the many poker forums that exist on websites across the Internet. These sites are free to join anybody can read them and vote on items that users submit. Since finding and implementing the right scam is hard work, online poker players will often pay scammers some of their own cash to come up with the correct answers for them. Therefore, the scam we are going to cover today is called AnswerPoker, since the scammer gives up his or her own golden rake to bring the person who has stumpled onto their website further up in the rankings.

Answering Questions About Online Poker. There are two ways for a scammer to scrape first, a computer cannot access an individual's email when they visit a gambling website, so you must have this information written down as part of your trolling strategy. There are also lists of top players online, like GreaseWinners, which are searchable on Web servers. All of these names will then appear on a list with limited entry slots. Thus, we enter a subjective community in an attempt to earn attractiveness points. Maybe the author of this article will place near the top of that list because he doesn't lose money online betting because virtual chips are worthless.

The second way to collect this information is the use of robots or spiders. Basically, they download pages from any website and copy anything tagged with an open html tag. In today's day and age, nobody reads the HTML code, or stops to think about things like linking text boxes using the src tag. The aforementioned poker community has over 800 webpages in their directory! Anytime someone submits a question to a non player-facing layout, the only page a robot can scrape often contains entries to random poker tournaments around the world, actually.

Can web scraping be a career?

I sure think so. With the online world being one of the biggest drivers of consumer demand, there are more opportunities, better wages, and most importantly less competition than ever. To successfully pave the way for yourself in this fascinating and exciting industry, you need to learn the How first and foremost. My article is aimed at giving you that foundation.

So where do we start? Before we re-route all bad traffic to our websites, why not make ourselves an online SEO website, right? What if I told you, 90% of the internet consists of websites working towards same goal, of gathering keyword searches, and serve them their best phone sex experience? It will be easier we will target customers on search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing, and Yahoo,or let's re-scope it, these are the search engines which generate the highest traffic. But how do sites gather this traffic? Web Scraping? What is that? So what exactly is web scraping? Well, imagine this scenario, you're sitting at your computer, working on your project when you notice a call from a number you don't recognize. You answer it anyways, and there are 4 or 5 people asking for help, to perform some task. Now, while it might seem unprofessional, I've worked on apps like this, where we'd receive hundred of calls a day for each user we have! So what if we could take the time to just help out for once, instead of getting spammed with questions everyday? Well, that's the point of web scraping!

Web scraping is the process of taking data, and extracting it from a webpage, programmatically. The ultimate objective is to sort the information, provide that back in a more consumer-friendly form, and deliver it back to the user. So let's see how we can use web scraping to convert those pages into useful texts. You can also be a web scrapper, a web spider, 1st class, robobiggins or Diggernaut. You can only be successful, if you are aware of current trends, and can think on your feet.

What do you need? Well, prior to you writing any code to begin with, make sure you have everything you need.

Can you make money web scraping?

I've burnt my fingers on this before. I thought I was getting about an hour's worth of work and I'd finally find a way to get some real money from my newfound skills.

Then I started working for the guy. Turned out it wasn't a ton of work, but it was constant. All or nothing. Don't understand why the stuff wasn't scheduled and spaced. He had a lot of "content" wants, mostly to scrap data for providers.

I did OK for awhile -- but the price tag was such that I couldn't make it work. Sure, I could have charged more, for several days at once. But I get so frustrated when I'm doing something I know is needed and I have to keep going for 10, 15, sometimes 20 hours because my quality of work is so low and I'm burned out and just avoid clicking links and data collection -- but I know I can do it better.

Do you have any advice? What's the best, most efficient strategy? How do you avoid being that guy who just earns enough to feed his kids, but not enough to buy a putter? 12 Answers. 67 Views. Anonymous. Hi Mihai.e. Thanks for your question! I'm glad that you found it useful - it's something that I addressed years ago as well (and answered in the Odesk forum). Here's my suggested approach: It starts with a learning piece - what will your offer be? That is - certainly, you see yourself as an "expert", specialized on the subject of data scraping, you're good at it. So a learning piece would appear as something with a free-of-charge component, but with enough positive reviews that it can then be sold as a premium version of the product.

A free-of-charge component is one that would involve very little surgery and allows you to start building customers who at some later time will be ready for a price plan. It should be substantial, but rapid and easy to understand.

For example, you could create a piece of software, a plug-in or what-have-you for Advanced Liquid Creations All-In-One Marketing Software, such as a "Quick Add Sources".

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