What is the difference between Camellia sasanqua and Camellia japonica?

What is the difference between Camellia sasanqua and Camellia japonica?

I have a Camellia japonica.

It is in full bloom. It has an abundance of green foliage and many branches, along with lots of blooms. I have always had trouble with it bloom in the fall. The foliage dies off, but the flowers are never fully developed. What is the difference between this variety and Camellia sasanqua? Can you give me a few tips on how to get a better fall bloom?

Camellia sasanqua is a hardier variety, so it will do better in colder regions. The foliage color tends to be a little deeper than C. And yes, you can encourage the fall bloom with a few tweaks.

I'm not sure about planting methods, but I'd recommend placing a few saucers of water in the garden at the start of fall. This will help keep the leaves dry and help prevent rot.

Finally, if you have a shade house, I'd recommend that you cut back the foliage so that you have a nice canopy over the pot. This will protect it from frost.

What are the best Camellia varieties for fall flowering? The Camellia Cream and Pink is one of the few that will produce a fall bloom. Other Camellia varieties that will bloom in fall include: Camellia japonica Tricolor. Camellia japonica Golden Glow. Camellia japonica Creme de Menthe. Camellia japonica Chocolate. Camellia sasanqua Flower Carpet. Camellia sasanqua Autumn Splendor. Camellia japonica Silver Mist. What are the best Camellia varieties for fall foliage? Camellia japonica Golden Glow and Creme de Menthe will have dark green foliage with bright red-orange blooms.

Is Camellia oleifera the same as Camellia japonica?


So, it's the same plant. If you can use a. Camellia as a bush. You can use camellia. Flowers in a vase. And sometimes comellia. Leaves are good for soup. In fact, I saw. Someone who used a leaf. To make soup in Vietnam. So it can be as. The culinary plant. There was a movie. About that time. Where it's the food plant. And the director said. It's better to eat. More than eat less. No matter what the season is. They don't throw. Away camellia leaves. It could be dried and stored. So I think if we have. More awareness about this. We'll be able. To preserve more food. How often do you see. Camellia japonica? Usually a tree. Growing in China. Is there more in China? I'm not sure. You asked about China. Well, I've been to Asia. Before this interview. But I did see the fruit. And of course. In India there's also. Many camellia bushes. And some shrubs. And you mentioned. That I might find. The fruit more easily. If I buy a local fruit. And there's more. Over there in China. Is that also an Asian plant? No, I haven't heard. Well, I hope to find it. Thank you. I'm happy to hear your. Feedback about Chinese trees. Let me finish by. Asking you a question. Sometimes, we. Learned about food. In terms of quantity. Do you believe there's. Much importance in knowing. And exploring the health. Benefits of camellia oil? Like your knowledge on. Aromatherapy and essential oils. As well as on the. Health benefits. And even in. Medicine, especially. For women's menstrual. Problems, and so on. Well, there are very. Subtle points in the plants. Some of them are like that. So one of the points. Is to develop. Some kind of a. Sensibility, you know. So if a certain plant has. Tastes like that, what it means.

Can sasanqua camellias take full sun?

What is sasanqua camellias can they take full sun and water?

I have a few bulbs of camellia I want to get for my garden but they have very thick foliage so I can't get them from the nursery. So, do you think I should grow them in full sun or in partial shade? The answer is usually yes, if you live in a cool area. It is more than likely that the plants would need at least 6 hours of sunlight. Since it will be summer, it will probably be hot so the plants would also require good air circulation to help cool the roots.

Do I need to water my new camellias? Ok so I am a new camellia gardener. I have been given 2 different kinds that I want to plant in my garden. One of them is named the camellia japonica and the other is the camellia sasanqua. The sasanqua's name is in the title. Both plants are already in pots and ready to go into my garden. I have planted the sasanqua's and was wondering about the watering. The sasanqua needs to be watered every week or two and the camellia japonica is all on its own. They both are in a sunny spot. So, will they both need to be watered all of the time or just one or the other? Thanks!

If you live in a dry area you will need to water them once a week, but if you live in a humid area you may be able to water them once every other week. Do I need to water camellia flowers? We moved recently and a friend gave me a camellia tree for my garden. It has blooms now, but they look kind of sad. When the flowers are in bloom, do I need to water them?

They should be watered every day to keep them looking healthy. What should I know before planting camellias? I am planning to buy some camellias to plant in my garden. I am not sure whether I should wait until they bloom or plant them now. Also, I would like to know what to do when I see some dead flowers?

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