How do I find a movie I forgot the name of?

What is the website that recommends movie based movies you like?

If you don't know, I have found it very helpful.

I also suggest it for others on the board. It is

I'm interested in any movie suggestions or recommendations from any of you (for myself). The last time I saw The Bourne Identity was at my local Cineplex when I was a kid and my parents took me to see it. I remember it was a great action flick! I still remember the one where he goes to get the money from the desk clerk and the clerk says, "You're not supposed to be here", to which Bourne replies, "No, but I am", and then blows his way out.

Well, I think there was a movie called that, but I don't remember the name. Maybe it was Bourne. I don't remember anything else about it.

I remember that too, although I saw it years ago on TV. It had quite a following on TV.

The Bourne Identity is a cool movie. I like the Bourne trilogy, and the first two of the Bourne movies are pretty good, but I think the third Bourne movie is pretty bad. I can't even recall what it's about. It seems like it should be pretty good, but I don't think it is.

Bourne (the first three movies) was based on the book "The Bourne Identity".

How do I find a movie I forgot the name of?

I know that once in a while I forget the name of a movie I've seen.

I'm talking about when it's in an episode or feature of a TV series or something. For instance, I'll say "I remember seeing a movie with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tom Berenger". I'm pretty sure it was an episode of ALIAS, but I can't remember the name of it. Does anyone know the name of this?

Re: ? No doubt that you've seen The Wild Party, if not, then you've seen the trailer. It has Jennifer Jason Leigh, in a role as good as the rest of the cast, although not quite as "stunning", and has a great soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti.e. The movie itself is very simple and straightforward. It's about an American couple who are on their honeymoon in Italy, and after they get into a fight, they go back to their hotel, where the husband becomes jealous, goes crazy and tries to kill his wife. It's a very interesting movie, with a very good soundtrack, but it doesn't have the impact that it should have.

This has been asked so many times before, but in case some newbies like me haven't heard, I'll give it a shot. Find a way to access IMDB or another web site that lists your favorite movies and click on the title of the one you're looking for. On IMDB, go to "Similar Movies" and scroll down until you find the movie you're looking for.

I don't know how it works on other sites, but IMDB has a small "search" function you can use to try to find the movie title. Thanks for the response. I think I found it. I had an IMDB account, so I clicked on that and it brought up the movie that I was looking for. I didn't know if it would work, though, because I hadn't logged on to IMDB in a while, but it worked.

What is the AI that recommends movies?

Movies like The Big Short and Spotlight are so much better than their box office performance would suggest.

We know the algorithm is accurate because of its performance on the test set. Adam Sandler The algorithm is the key to understanding why some movies are successful, and others aren't. It goes beyond simple box-office analysis. And it turns out that when most people think about movie marketing, they haven't thought about the AI that drives movie marketing.

The Algorithm. When Hollywood considers marketing a movie, there are three key inputs that go into the process: Reviews - The public reviews or rate the movie from one to five stars. There is also an average rating, which is an aggregate of the reviews. This becomes the star rating or the average number of stars that was assigned to the film.

The public reviews or rate the movie from one to five stars. Revenue - How much money the film made at the box office. The box office revenue is the single most important input for most studios, which is why they don't usually consider any of the other inputs.

How much money the film made at the box office. Box Office - Studios use the box office data to make projections about how much money the film is likely to make in other markets such as TV. This projection is a key input into the marketing mix.

Most of the time, when I talk about a movie's marketing, I'm talking about the value of those three inputs. For example, one might analyze a movie's box office performance and say that it is really strong at the box office, but that it is too low budget to be successful. Or one might evaluate the movie's reviews and say that there was a big change in the public opinion of the movie.

In each case, the conclusion is that the movie needs to be promoted better.

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