How to change out of supervised member on Google without deleting account?

How to change out of supervised member on Google without deleting account?

In my google account I accidentally made it so that some or all of my accounts were under supervised-memberships and that was a horrible mistake.

I need to change it back to "unsupervised". Is there any way to do this without getting my accounts deleted?
The only things I really need (aside from google docs) is gmail and that is about the extent of what I really use on the computer and for mail purposes. I have found a link showing how to do this, but it says there are other accounts involved. There are no other accounts involved with mine. I use it as my work email address. If I delete this one can I change this back to standard memberships?
This isn't an ideal situation. I had a huge backlog of emails from last year to deal with and it's a lot to redo.

In this case, changing your membership in another Google account won't make any difference. That being said, there are two options: One option is to follow these steps. Visit the Account page where you want to change your membership type. Select Your Current Membership Type. Go to the drop down list menu that follows. Select the Supervised. Member box on the side then proceed to select the Non-Supervised. Member type. On the other hand, if you don't feel up to doing that, you can easily go through your mail and change your membership right away. If you want to change it for Gmail, follow this tutorial. They say they are assuming the person changing the membership is the owner of the mail account, but you can easily change any Gmail account to be a "Regular" member by following these steps.

How do I remove parental supervision from my phone?

- Ask HN: Parents/Guardians

As I see it, parental controls are not exactly a great feature.

It's a bit too easy to sneak past. I can install the app on my kid's phone and bypass them every time. What's the best way to remove this feature?

I would want to remove the app and all traces of it from the phone (like deleting the app's files). Is there a method to do so?
======. Brudgers. If you want to kill the app then you will have to use the phone for that. Purpose. On Linux for example:

Will kill it. It's a bit counterintuitive because the parent does not control the child's phone but the child is in charge of it. In other words, in parental control it's the parent who is really in charge. -----. Anon1234456. You don't need an app, there is a 'kill task' option in most modern android. Phones. You can just do a search for 'kill task' and it'll list the apps that can be killed.

How do I change my Google Account from child to normal?

Go to your Gmail account, and log in. Once you're logged in, you can open the Options menu in the top-right corner of your screen (it looks like a gear icon) and change the option on the left side of the window, which is called "Your Name". Change that from whatever your name is to whatever name you want to use. You can change it back to whatever you want by clicking it again, or just leave it blank if you don't care.This will affect your email address, your contact information, how your documents get opened in your computer and how websites recognize you.

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