Can my child turn off Family Link?

How do I lock my device on Family Link?

You can lock your device to Family Link on your computer or other devices you use to connect to the Family Link portal.

You need to make sure that you are using the correct credentials for the Family Link portal. From your family member's account, go to settings in the Family Link portal, and select Lock Screen & Password. On your device, enter the username and password provided by the Family Link portal. To find out more about your device's fingerprint features, visit How to choose a fingerprint for Android, iPhone, or Windows. What's New. Version History. Sep 12, 2023. Fix for an issue where a device could become unresponsive.8 Jul 26, 2023. Version 1.8 is now available! This update includes the following fixes and improvements: Fixed an issue that could prevent a device from entering standby mode. Fixed an issue where some users experienced a system crash when unlocking the device.7 Jun 7, 2023. Version 1.7 is now available! This update includes the following fixes and improvements: Fixed an issue where some users experienced a system crash when locking the device. Improved the stability of the app. Improved the performance of the app.6 May 24, 2023. Version 1.6 is now available!5 May 16, 2023. Version 1.5 is now available! This update includes the following fixes and improvements: Improved the stability of the app.4 May 10, 2023. Version 1.4 is now available!

Can my child turn off Family Link?

My child is 6 years old.

He is very bright and advanced for his age. He has received private instruction in both the language and math. He also has good musical skills.

What he wants to do is learn to work and make money. At this point in his life, we don't want to get him into more expensive educational options (ie private school). I think the current school system is designed to create a generation of kids who are dependent upon social programs, if they even graduate. I think that children need to be taught more than just academics, but the schools here are not doing this. We do not want to be tied into the school system, and it sounds like Family Link is the next step for our family.

We want to try and use his talents to his best advantage. Is there anything I can do to keep him from being pulled into this program? Can I prevent my child from enrolling in Family Link? Is there anything I can do to help our child become independent? If he does turn into a dependent because of Family Link, do you have suggestions on how I can help him achieve independence? Re: My child can turn off Family Link? This is a really difficult topic for me. I'm the mom of 4, one of them a baby. I had no idea what was coming into my life and now the first 5 years of my life are a blur. This is something I'll be remembering for the rest of my life and my son doesn't even realize that he was adopted.

Like you, I would not want to get him into any other type of schooling. To be honest, I wouldn't want to send him to public school at all. He didn't get any real learning until after the adoption.

We live in the country with no school district. I am not sure if there is anything you can do about Family Link. Maybe I'll do some research on this.

I hope your son becomes independent as he grows up. I'd love for him to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I would recommend talking with your caseworker about the options available for your child. I can see why this would be upsetting to you, but if you don't want to go through that experience again, Family Link is the safest place for your child.

How to stop supervision on Family Link without locking device?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, I just bought it and I was sent the Family Link.

I had to get a new lock because mine was broken and so I bought a new one. When I got the new lock the first thing I did was put it on my device and turn it on. The phone said "Supervision on Family Link" but I didn't understand what that meant. So I called the number on my Family Link and they told me that when I put the lock on my device that it would tell me if my device was locked or not. I didn't understand what they were saying. So then I took my phone to the store I bought it from and they said that when I put the lock on my phone that it would tell me if it was locked or not. So my question is, how do I stop supervision on Family Link without locking my device?

In order to be able to unlock the device it must be activated by someone with a key. So if you don't have the key it will say supervision on family link. Once you get the key it will no longer say supervision on family link. If you do not have the key it will still say supervision on family link but it will be grayed out and you will not be able to use the device.

Thanks for your reply. But the reason I am trying to figure this out is because my daughter got a new phone and she told me that when she got the new phone that she couldn't figure out what to do with the Family Link. She was afraid that she couldn't use it on her phone if she doesn't know what to do with it.

So I guess my question now is what to do to not have supervision on Family Link on my device? And is it possible for my daughter to get a key for her phone?

Why isn t Family Link working?

Family Link is for people who already have a working Internet connection.

If you don't have a phone line or a working Internet connection, you can ask to make one. To ask if the community centre will support you to make your phone line free and ready for you to get online, visit. A community centre must support you to set up your connection when you're ready to connect. They may not charge you for this, but you may have to pay for phone calls.

What can I do about low broadband speed? You could be missing out on lots of fun things, like watching TV programmes, getting emails, using websites, and chatting online with friends and family. Your connection speed can be affected by lots of factors - for example: How many people are sharing your line. Is someone in the house doing very much on the Internet, for example, playing games? If you're using a mobile phone - the quality of the signal can affect how well your connection works. Have your connection been checked? Your broadband provider or your landlord should do this. They need to check that: Your computer is connected to the Internet. Your computer and modem are operating correctly. You have enough capacity to use the Internet. Your connection isn't overloaded. If your provider has been busy in the last week, this could be why. They will be able to help you with this if they've been on the job. You could find your line has become overloaded with too much demand, and it may not be possible for your provider to offer you any more capacity.

If you're worried that there's a problem with your line, call them. Call your broadband provider or landlord on 0300 123 3400 (charges apply). You might need to upgrade your line before you can get better speeds. How will I know when to get online? We'll send you an email when your area needs your services. It will tell you when and how you should get online. It's usually good to wait for your area's service to get busy, as people often cancel appointments to use the Internet.

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