Can I share my VPN connection via a hotspot on Android?

Can you use a VPN while tethering?

I usually use an external VPN that allows me to be able to use data from our internet connection. Our isp does not allow vpn connections on wifi (because of its security setup), so I only use the USB modem/router/hotspot that is connected to our router via ethernet port.

My question is this. Can I still use my VPN when tethering to the hotspot? My concern is that since the device I am using is not owned by our internet service provider, and we cannot control what they do with their devices, they will not know if someone (like a friend or random hacker) was on our website while using the hotspot. They are also not going to be able to tell if the hotspot had been used to access their network.

For instance, say I wanted to access a website where I have access, but it would be on a restricted server and it would just redirect me to another secure website. My VPN would be connected while I go to that "real" site to be able to use that site, but I would still be in danger of being redirected by the hotspot to a more "unsecure" website for their network.

It seems to me that, like you said, they don't necessarily even know if the device was there unless it is "owned" by them (ie. A computer/device they can track). This is something of my own speculation because all my knowledge comes from reading about security over the internet. If this were to be a concern at all for our service provider, then I would just go to the location and buy a hotspot, but I am sure this probably wouldn't be a worry for many people.

Thanks again!

Can I share my VPN connection via a hotspot on Android?

I am using the Hola VPN for my Android device and it is working. If I log into this Hola app, I can access the internet over that connection.

But my question is: Is it possible to share a VPN connection via my phone's hotspot? So, if I log into the Hola VPN and if I do hotspot sharing, will my device be connected in a sort of VPN-like way to another device? And in this case, could I use my VPN connection with my wifi at home just like if I had a direct ethernet connection? What kind of device does one need in order to enable hotspot sharing? For connecting via WiFi, you need Android 4.0 or later on (with the exception of Samsung).

Your hotspot is connected as an Internet Connection Sharing using IEEE 802.11 b/g/n This works fine with Windows. When it comes to Android, this is what the Hotspot2 feature actually does - it shares your WiFi and gives other devices over the network an IP address which has no relation to the original network. There are a few caveats:
The device itself must have an active connection. Hotspot 2.0 does not actually provide any more security - your private network traffic can still be viewed by whoever wants to sniff it, including your network's gateway and firewall. You can of course implement a firewall to block unwanted sources (this is where IISP comes to your rescue; it's free)
There are other mechanisms like Hotspot Shield - in which you connect through a proxy - but these won't always work - eg, IISP doesn't have a VPN client. So yes, you could connect with your VPN over the hotspot, but only if your VPN clients supports VPN on Wi-Fi, not on wired networks.

Can you hotspot with VPN on Android?

You can use your android phone as hotspot. By connecting it to your computer you can share the internet connection to other devices.

If you are android user you might be using this method for internet access in a public place and want to share internet with your other devices. How to hotspot on android with VPN. Connect your device to computer, connect ethernet cable to your phone and to computer. Open Network and Sharing Center in the control panel of your PC. Select Connect to other network and click Add. Click on Other and type in the name of your router, or you can use the ip address. Click Ok and now you will see the name of your device on the list. Click ok and you will see a notification that the computer is sharing the internet connection. What is VPN? VPN stands for virtual private network. It encrypts and routes the internet traffic. It keeps the data safe while passing through the public internet. In this way the user can browse internet anonymously without sharing his ip address. You can use it to access the blocked sites or to play games online.

Can I use VPN with android? The android phone does not support the VPN protocol. It means that you cannot use a VPN protocol with android. If you want to use VPN, you need to use a computer to access the internet through the VPN connection. But that is not the only reason why you cannot use VPN with android. Android does not support the VPN protocol.

This is because, android phones do not have the virtual private network (VPN) software. The vpn protocol works on the computer or laptop to share the internet connection. But android phone just has an internet connection. It is not equipped to share the internet connection.

There are some android apps that support VPN connection. But they are not the best. For example, Torvpn apps are not really secure. They are just an app that claims to support VPN. In fact it does not support the vpn protocol at all. And it also does not support some vpn protocols.

VPN is a better choice when you need to access the restricted sites. You can use the restricted sites or to play games online anonymously. But you will not be able to access the unrestricted sites. That is the main reason why you should use VPN with android.

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