How do you automate data pulls in Excel?

How do I fetch data from a macro in Excel?

I have a macro that needs to update a list in a text file. The data needed is in columns A - C, and the cells contain a number. So it looks like this:
A B C. 1 22 9009009009009. 2 22 9009009009009. And I need this in the text file: 1 22 23. 2 22 23. Basically allocate a number for each cell. Any ideas on how to fetch the data in columns A - C from a VBA macro? My google searches have not been helpful.

You can loop through all the worksheets and save the data into array. Update the map and then write to file. Sub Main(). Dim aWB As Object 'Workbook. Dim aWorksheet As Object 'Worksheet. Dim aRange As Range. Dim aCell As Range. Set aWB = ActiveWorkbook. Set aWorksheet = aWB.ActiveSheet Set aRange = aWorksheet.UsedRange aCell = aRange.Cells(1) '1 For Each aCell In aRange. aCell.Offset(0, 1).Value = aCell.Value
aCell.Offset(0, 2).Offset(0, 1).Cells(1)) '1
MsgBox (aCell.Address) aCell.Offset(0, 1).Value
End Sub. Sub Write(). Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.EnableEvents = False aWB.SaveAs FileName:="test.

How do you automate data pulls in Excel?

I need to automate a lot of data pulls, some which contain multiple data sources. The current process is to start off with one data source, work my way through a list of dates, save the data pull for that date, and repeat. I have a ton of spreadsheets in the workbook. What I'd like to do is to be able to take a couple keystrokes to start the data pull, and then be able to click on an icon to automatically select the next sheet and click on the pull. I'd also like to have the option to pause and un-pause the data pull. I'm fairly new to VBA, so any help would be appreciated.

There are a couple of great answers for this. I'm going to go the script route, for a couple of reasons: If I was using an Excel 2022 version I'd be interested in using an Office-Level scripting language like VBScript or VBIf I were using an earlier version I'd be interested in being able to easily script the workbook and don't have to think of all of the edge cases that might arise. 1) I'll use an older version of Excel because I'm using Excel 2022. I created a new workbook for this answer, but you can do this in an existing workbook.

2) There is an active instance of Excel open, so a VBA script can query the state of Excel, using, for example, Application.Workbooks.Count to check how many instances of Excel are open. I recommend using an early bound, single-use DLL and using "Using" statements to avoid the risk of memory leaks.

A number of answers refer to the following macro: Sub Pause(). If ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode Then
ActiveWorkbook.AutoFilterMode = False End If.

Can an Excel macro pull data from another workbook?

I am trying to write an excel macro that grabs data from a workbook and saves it into the current workbook. I have tried many different formats to accomplish this and haven't had any luck. I am using Visual Basic for Mac.

Public Sub pullData(). Dim sourceWorkbookName As String. Dim targetWorkbookName As String. SourceWorkbookName = Application.ActiveWorkbook.FullName
TargetWorkbookName = sourceWorkbookName "Data.xlsm" Set wbTarget = Workbooks.Open(targetWorkbookName) wbTarget.Worksheets(1).Range("A1:G1").CopyFromRecordset

WbTarget.Close End Sub. Is this the best way to do this? I am still pretty new at programming so any help would be greatly appreciated! To answer your question, yes it is possible to do this.Open(targetWorkbookName) is not quite correct, you have to assign the workbook to a variable before you can do something to it. Set wbTarget = Workbooks.Open(targetWorkbookName) should be. Set wbTarget = Workbooks.Open(targetWorkbookName) EDIT: You can simplify your macro to this. Sub PullData(). Dim sourceWorkbookName As String. Dim targetWorkbookName As String. sourceWorkbookName = Application.FullName targetWorkbookName = sourceWorkbookName "Data.xlsm" Set wbTarget = Workbooks.Open(targetWorkbookName) wbTarget.Worksheets(1).Range("A1:G1").CopyFromRecordset wbTarget.Worksheets(2).Range("A1:G1")

How do you create an Excel macro to pull data from another sheet?

I am trying to create an excel macro that will pull data from a different sheet in the same workbook and then create a graph from that data. I am very new to VBA and have been searching all over the internet and haven't found answer to my question.

I have tried the following code but I am getting an error on the line that says "Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A2").Value = Range("A2")."
Sub Macro1(). Dim ws1 As Worksheet. Dim ws2 As Worksheet. Dim ws3 As Worksheet. Set ws1 = Worksheets("Sheet1"). Set ws2 = Worksheets("Sheet2"). Set ws3 = Worksheets("Sheet3"). Ws1.Range("A2").Value = ws2.Range("A2").Value

End Sub. I think you need to use the .Value property on a Range object.Range("A2").Value

This will work if you have a single cell in the range you are trying to copy. If you want to copy the entire range then you need to use ws1.Range("A2:A3").Value
This will copy all the cells in the range A2:A3. Note that this assumes you have a Range object in your Worksheets("Sheet2") object. If you are using multiple worksheets then you will need to specify the worksheet you want to copy from. Ws2.Range("A2").Value = ws1.Range("A2").

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