How do I get Netflix on a second TV?

How do I get Netflix on a second TV?

I want to be able to watch Netflix from my second TV. I have Roku and I know I need the Netflix app. I don't really understand what I need to do after that. Do I have to log in to my Netflix account on my computer? I have no idea how to do that. How can I access my Amazon Prime videos from my second TV? How does it all fit together? What am I missing?

What you're looking for is called a Roku "channel". There's a website for Netflix, just about any video streaming service, and you can create a channel for that service. Each channel has it's own login information, as well as a "library" where you can view your own movies/shows, your purchased shows and rentals, and any other subscribed-to channel's content. So if you want to watch something from you go to the netflix channel on your Roku, sign in, click "library" on the left, click the name of, and you'll see all the movies and shows you've downloaded.

You can also click on a title in the library to watch it right away, or you can click "stream" to start a video playing from the cloud, so it continues to play even when you close the browser window. For Amazon you can do the same thing with Amazon Prime Video. You can set up one or two accounts, and you can choose which account you want to use when you sign into the Roku.

I know this might sound like a lot of information, but it's all really easy once you have everything set up. For example, I have multiple accounts for my son, daughter, and husband, but I don't have Netflix so I don't know what steps I'd take to get that one. (it's a bit annoying having three different accounts when I want to use Netflix at the same time.)

I would recommend the Roku 3 with the ChannelBridge. It will also work with Amazon Prime Video and some other video streaming services as long as you are signed in to your account on Roku. You can't get the full features with the Roku 2 or 3 but you will be able to view most of what you want.

If you already have a Roku 1, 2, or 3 you probably already have the software and apps.

How do I connect Netflix to a smart TV?

Netflix provides us with a simple and straightforward way to rent movies, television programs, music, and all of those other things that make up entertainment. There are many different devices that you can connect to your Netflix account to watch the content that you want to watch. From phones to streaming devices to tablets to laptops to gaming consoles to media players to TVs, it's always possible to find a way to stream a movie or television show that you want to watch from Netflix.

Here's how to set up a connection between your Smart TV and Netflix. This guide will walk you through how to set up the necessary equipment for your Smart TV, and how to find out what works best for your Smart TV and your connections.

Smart TV Equipment for Netflix Streaming. You will need an HDMI cable to connect to your television. Some of these types of televisions come equipped with a built-in HDMI port, and others use HDMI cables. These cables will let you hook your Smart TV into the home theater, and then connect to Netflix. If you have a Smart TV with an Ethernet port, then you will also need an Ethernet cable to connect it to your network (which would be where your router is connected), so that you can access internet.

Your device should use an Ethernet cable to connect to your router, but not all devices do. Many new TV sets and game consoles use a digital connection, such as HDMI or Apple TV. To find out if your TV has a digital connection or HDMI port, look at the instructions that came with your TV. You'll probably find instructions on the same page as your HDMI ports on the back of your TV. Some of these instructions will tell you what kind of connection type they're expecting, too. But even if your TV lacks a built-in HDMI port, you can still connect using either a simple HDMI to HDMI cable or a USB cable if your TV is compatible with that. The type of connection, as well as which devices work best with each other, will vary from model to model.

Most smart TVs come with their own Netflix application, but there are many other options. If your smart TV comes with the Netflix application preloaded on it already, great. Otherwise, you may have to install the Netflix application on your smart TV or set-top box.

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