What can stop play store from downloading?

Is there a way to block Google Play Store?

I had a Samsung Galaxy S7 (16GB/3G) and was not happy with the app store. I switched to Amazon App Store and all is well for me.

Now I have the Sony Xperia X (32GB/3G). I had apps on my old phone that I cannot get on the new one.

Is there a way to block the Google Play Store? Is there a way to download the same apps I had on the old phone on the new one? 2 Answers.
If you have root access to your device, then you could install an app like Titanium Backup, which would allow you to "freeze" your apps in the Play Store. This will prevent apps from updating when you sync with your PC or other devices. However, if you have root access, you could simply backup your apps and install them over to your new phone.

If you don't have root access, then you could uninstall all of the apps that you no longer need, and then reinstall them after you have transferred your data over to your new phone. There is another alternative: you can use an app called AppLock. It works similarly to Titanium Backup, but doesn't require root access.

You could also download all of the apps that you want to transfer over to your new phone (and their data), and then just go to the app store and purchase them.

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