Do selenium supplements help thyroid?

How much selenium is needed for Hashimoto's?

I know that if I just put in a whole bunch of selenium it will work but I'm not sure how much is needed to actually kill the antibodies.

I have Hashimoto's and I take a daily dose of 100 micrograms.

I'm not a doctor or anything but it sounds like you need more than 100 micrograms per day. I think it's also dependent on how your body processes it.

Thanks for the help. I'm going to try one day to see if I can tell the difference and then if it doesn't work I'll bump up to 200 micrograms. I'm going to go from there but if you have any more information please share!

I have Hashimoto's too, and I take about 3-4 selenium pills a day, and it really helps. I don't know if it helps with my thyroid levels as well, but it really helps with my depression (I was depressed about a year ago, and I started taking it, and it helped me a lot).

I don't know how much selenium is needed to make it work. I just do it as a supplement.

Thanks for the help. I don't know if it helps with my thyroid levels as well, but it really helps with my depression (I was depressed about a year ago, and I started taking it, and it helped me a lot).

You can try different doses until you find the right one for you. Mine is 200 micrograms per day. I've had it for over a year now.

I don't know if you can see the link, but it has pictures of the symptoms of Hashimoto's. If you get any of the symptoms, it might be worth a try. This is a picture of my thyroid.

How much selenium should I take daily for thyroid?

I just started Selenium on a daily basis.

I was also taking Zinc at this time. In the past, I have had problems with Zinc and thyroid, and Zinc is one of my top nutrients for thyroid health.

My Doctor suggested to take the recommended amount of selenium. Is this a safe starting point? I was not too sure about this as I have heard that 100mcg or even 20 mcg of selenium per day is toxic in some cases.

I will be doing research, but any thoughts from you guys would be appreciated. It is best to start low and go slow. The more you add, the more likely you will cause negative reactions. It is best to find out what your body needs to stay healthy, and how much you need based on that.

I would try 1 mcg and see if it is helping your thyroid. If not, I would only be adding 1 mcg per day. I don't think you can over do it, but you need to find the correct amount for your body.

I recommend 100 mcg Selenium (as long as you are getting plenty of iodine, zinc, selenium, and vitamins A, D3, and K2.) Selenium comes from either mushrooms, seaweed, or broccoli.e. The body needs selenium because it helps protect the thyroid from radiation exposure, which makes you hypothyroid. Therefore, selenium helps support the thyroid gland, so it is a good idea to add selenium to the diet, as long as you are supplementing with iodine, vitamin A, vitamin D3, and zinc.

I recommend 100 mcg Selenium (as long as you are getting plenty of iodine, zinc, selenium, and vitamins A, D3, and K2.

Do selenium supplements help thyroid?

I have had some thyroid issues for quite a while, though I thought I was over it.

Now it seems like I am getting some symptoms that really make me feel like my thyroid is not working right. When I see the doctor, I want to get checked again, but the doctor will not order me thyroid levels. I am trying to get selenium pills, but he tells me that they don't help with thyroid. Can anyone tell me if this is true?

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is found in most cells in our body. Selenium is essential in supporting optimal thyroid function, and thyroid testing shows low selenium levels. Thyroid testing is one of the most important tests for a woman of childbearing age, because thyroid problems can lead to miscarriage.

The best way to get adequate selenium is through a diet rich in whole foods, including seafood, eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, and organ meats such as liver, kidney, heart, and pancreas. For a more personalized approach, we recommend supplementing with a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral (such as Thorne Research's ThyroGenics) that contains selenium.

Dr. Andrew Weil, M., recommends using SelPlex, a daily multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement containing 100 mcg of selenium. Selenium is one of the most essential minerals for a healthy thyroid.

"Selenium is a vital trace mineral that has been shown to be crucial for thyroid function." Selenium supplementation may beneficial for women who have low levels of selenium in their bloodstream. Because thyroid function is closely related to selenium levels, it's possible that low selenium levels could result in thyroid problems.

Selenium is a trace mineral that is needed by the thyroid to help produce thyroid hormones. It is also needed to maintain proper thyroid function.

Selenium is an essential mineral that is required for healthy thyroid function. Selenium is present in all cells and is used to make thyroid hormone, which helps regulate blood pressure, metabolism, and energy production.

The best source of selenium is from the amino acid methionine, found in meats, fish, nuts, and eggs.

What type of selenium is best for thyroid?

I have this problem recently that I'm getting tired really easily (and getting grumpy) and having headaches which I have been looking up to selenium as a remedy. My Dr says that I don't have too much problems with thyroid, but I feel my energy is depleted from just standing. I need to get off the computers, but I think it's getting to me because I get sleepy and need to sleep a lot.

So I was wondering which type of selenium would best for my body? Is it the organic? Or does anybody know any other remedy for my low thyroid? Do you think I should stop using iodin? Please let me know. Also, I have been using supplements for a while, and am now taking the following: I've tried all 3 and they all work well.and I use them along with vitamin d3 with great success! But what I do is to buy the "organic" selenium powder or tablets. I read that if you take too much selenium your body can become "acidic" which causes a lot of health problems.

I found this out myself, with the help of a naturopath friend. The amount in one of the most popular selenium tablets (SelenoSafe) is 500 micrograms (mcg) per tablet, so I'd stay away from buying selenium tablets (they often have 500mg on the front, but are actually 500mcg). I use to take 10 tablets daily when I ran out of the SelenoSafe, until I read the label more closely and saw the '50000mcg' symbol, at which point I stopped using it. My own experience was that I felt fine with 1 tablet every morning before breakfast (as described in the supplement guide on the site above), but had horrible acid reflux the rest of the day from the other 99000mcg. So be careful of this and follow your doctor's recommendations.

I too found SelenoSafe tablets to be very effective in providing a large dose of selenium. Unfortunately, the '50000mcg' logo is also used on some over-the-counter nutritional supplements which are way out of their league. If you look at the list of ingredients you'll see high levels of vitamins and minerals.

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