Why is Safari not opening websites on iPhone?

Why is my iPhone browser not loading?

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Is the problem with your carrier or your iPhone? Do you have Wi-Fi issues? These are some of the most common scenarios when your iPhone stops working. If you are still struggling, we encourage you to get in touch with our team of experts.

If you want us to troubleshoot for you, email us at support@phonegenie. When my iPhone will not open or it is blank on me, but the screen tells me the web browser just works on phone, I can still surf websites and even download new apps without the usual problems from using wifi without a password or having my mobile internet off all the time and this has just gone for more than two years. I have never had this issue and now it just keeps locking up on me at strange times all the time and does not open or give my a blank screen like it should do on its own without a problem if someone knows whats going on here, thank you. Hello. I need some help as there is no one in my office that knows anything about Iphones. I have tried resetting my ipad back to my home country setting. Which does not change anything. What I found on my ipad and home computer is only one file is set up which is not my normal setup. Is there any way to delete all files and settings and make a new setup

My husband's ios7.1.2 has been turning itself off repeatedly. After restarting we are not able to enter into icloud or icloud. I had to boot his phone to factory reset to avoid a complete loss. Now he is unable to open facebook, email or anything else! I cannot remove passwords from firefox or chrome either as when we attempt to go to facebook etc they try and log in. What next? Please advise. Thanks in advance

Hello ,my iphone5 is not connected to wifi network (wireless zero signal) but working properly in cell phone network (3g signal). Plz help me to fix it. If it has any software then plz give me link for windows. Thnk you in advance.

This might sound really trivial, but after 2 days of usage, I don't see any notification of my incoming messages (ie iMessage) and also Facebook notifications don't appear either.

Why is Safari not opening websites on iPhone?

What I want to do is access a site on my iPhone when I'm out and about. I've already enabled Safari for Mobile, so my iPhone 4 connects to the web just fine. It loads but then hangs up on the site. What am I doing wrong?

The answer to your question is in the top right hand corner of your iPhone: Safari > Open. That will launch safari on your iPhone.

However, you may want to do some research before going out. There are some websites that won't work on iPhones, so make sure you know which ones you're visiting.

Why is my Safari not loading pages?

Sometimes when I am in Safari I will get a white page with a picture of a Safari logo, it seems to happen if the site has some type of error. It is very frustrating because most of the time I am just browsing the net and suddenly I have to re-login to fix the problem. I've had this problem with several sites and it is a recent change, maybe because of a change on Apple's side. It also does not happen with Chrome or Firefox. Any ideas? This can be caused by slow DNS resolution, particularly for large websites. If your iPhone is connected via WiFi and you are trying to connect via 3G (which usually requires more DNS lookups), then the DNS resolution can take a while. Try restarting your wifi router and/or using a different DNS server if possible.

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