Why is my TunnelBear not working?

How do I change the location of a TunnelBear Chrome extension?

As of v1.8.0, TunnelBear no longer prompts users to download the extension, simply launching a browser tab containing the extension automatically places it.

Before v1.0 Open your Chrome Extensions page and drag the TunnelBear icon out of the way to the right. Click on the blue arrow to the right of the icon to open a menu, and select Move to another window. Click on the gray rectangle, and drag the TunnelBear icon to another window. A yellow bar will appear when you're done dragging, indicating that you can drag more to reach a new location. Try dragging it down one screen. You may have to move other items before moving the tunnelbear to the second or third from top in the list of chrome extensions. (I never had to do this. :)) Once the TunnelBear is moved, tap on it again to return to where it was. The prompt to download the TunnelBear extension should not come up.

After you have moved the TunnelBear icon to a new location, restart your browser, and you should be good to go.

Why is my TunnelBear not working?

What should I do to make TunnelBear work? Please send me a support email and I'll respond within 24-72 hours. Note: This service may have been changed since this article was originally published, and may not be working in the future. The comments below will be updated accordingly.

This article will guide you through the issues you may be running into if you're having trouble with TunnelBear VPN. We will help you troubleshoot your specific problems.

If you are experiencing these issues or anything else, please submit a ticket on our issue tracker. If you are a TunnelBear customer, please make sure you use a strong password and secure the connection. If you don't, anyone can access your data.

If you are a TunnelBear user, you are probably frustrated by the fact that even after you've connected to TunnelBear VPN, there is no indication that you're connected. Well, we're going to help you make the connection visible on your device.

First Things First: TunnelBear VPN works on your browser, so you need to open it in order to see if you're connected or not. Below are some suggestions for where to find it.

Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux). Type "TunnelBear" in the Google Search bar. Click the third result, which will be the first TunnelBear VPN page (the top result may be a different TunnelBear VPN web page). Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux). Type "TunnelBear" in the Firefox Search bar. Click the second result. Safari (Mac). Type "TunnelBear" in the Safari Search bar. Edge (Windows, Mac). Type "TunnelBear" in the Edge Search bar. Internet Explorer (Windows). Type "TunnelBear" in the Internet Explorer Search bar. You should now see a message like the one below. You will need to provide a login info and some credentials to your TunnelBear account, but they don't need to be hard to remember.

If this doesn't work, please try another browser.

Is TunnelBear a real VPN with a Chrome extension?

TunnelBear is a very popular paid VPN with more than a million registered users. They are also working on their Android and iOS apps. What's unique about TunnelBear? Their most popular offering is the free version which allows up to 5 GB data a month and has lots of interesting features like built-in security, ad blocker and even a password manager called Passwordify. So TunnelBear needs to make some money too. Here's why TunnelBear isn't the best VPN for privacy
To start with, TunnelBear is cheaper. At just 5 for a year, you get unlimited access to the service in return for the company claiming that your data isn't being transmitted to the US. In fact, the main site isn't even American - that's just what the home page claims and it's only in other sections of the site that TunnelBear refers to this location. You also get a full 30 days refund with this offer, whereas the rest of the VPN services we mention have no such guarantee. That alone makes TunnelBear a compelling choice for those after a reliable VPN with an attractive price.

For instance, the TunnelBear app will let you know when your location is outside of your subscription, so you can pause or cancel your service if you're not going to be using it any longer. Another thing that TunnelBear does well is the connection. The company offers speeds up to 10 times faster than any competing service in many locations. It may not be as fast as some of the VPN services in the free section, but what it can do is protect your speed from throttling and speed restrictions. Additionally, TunnelBear makes sure all of its servers have been encrypted with 128-bit security.

While no one can say for sure if the traffic you send over Tor is secure, your ISP cannot snoop into the web traffic you receive if you are using the Tor browser. There are however things you should know about the safety of Tor's anonymity. Firstly, the site's claim of being completely anonymous is a bit misleading since your IP address still exists even on the Tor network, just at a different location than before.

How do I use TunnelBear VPN extension in Chrome?

When you download and install the TunnelBear Chrome extension you will be prompted to sign up. The login form asks you for your email address. This is your account login information. It must be the same as your TunnelBear login information. You'll also be asked to create a username and password that you can use to access TunnelBear on your computer or mobile device.

A popup will appear whenever you are in a location that has restrictions on VPN use. This is the reason for the warning that you need to select the right location.

On your desktop computer or mobile device, open your browser and go to You will enter your username and password. This is your user name and password. They must be the same as your TunnelBear login information.

Click Connect, when prompted. If all goes well, you will be given an option to allow the extension to connect to a new, untrusted network (this is called OpenVPN for Chrome on Windows).

If you've installed the extension properly and given the VPN access to all your devices, you should be able to connect securely to TunnelBear. How do I connect to my TunnelBear VPN from my computer or mobile device? If you downloaded and installed the TunnelBear VPN extension, it will automatically connect to your TunnelBear account as soon as you click Connect. If you installed the extension on your desktop computer, it will automatically start with the settings that you configured when you first logged in.

To connect your mobile device, click the tunnel bear icon on your home screen. Select Add VPN Connection.

Select OpenVPN for Chrome. Follow the instructions to choose a location and give the extension permission to connect to this location. How do I reset my TunnelBear VPN connection? You will need to reenter your email address and your username and password to be able to reconnect to TunnelBear. How do I connect to my TunnelBear VPN from my mobile device? Click on the TunnelBear icon on your home screen. Tap My Devices.

Select the device you want to connect to TunnelBear. Enter your email address and password. Click Save.

How do I connect to my TunnelBear VPN on my mobile device? Open the app. Enter your username and password.

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