How many devices can I use simultaneously on VPN?

Can I use VPN for free?

Unfortunately Not. VPN is a paid service. I earn a bit from the advertisements but it does not pay for the regular posting to the live chat nor does it make me happy.

I just left a comment on their review and not in bahamas were directed to some heulding board that directed me here. Never seen 70 comments before. Guess some people just love getting under the skin of a company they'd like to use petulant. provide one of the better VPN services that I have had to VPN turbo packege is hard to find, I travel a lot from belize to the states and it is great to work when you can not be where you need to. They are software acounting money. I was not surpised by it. Simply other peoples account information that are not yours.

The support is good, and when they do not know they ask. Do not forget, they do have an office there in the US. The water mark, was not on the networks I had, as soon one service disappeared, there was another in firefox. When you are virus free, and removed, you have no hiccups. It has every feature you could want. If you use virtualbox, you can it direct link to your program.

My use for VPN is basic. When I am on anywhere outside the US I use it. To avoid local websites being available and for the ones I do visit, there is Total, cypher, or

Pirating is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, to guys like you, I would have probably been in trouble years ago. Now all of us in programs have to worried about viruses. At least for me, I have to stress protect while at work. Just unplugging my internet connection is a serious risk. My pring just flipped a bit, I am so good, thanks for your comments.

I have been with shield and with virgin media and you will not get more service from them. The virtual is just for virus and spyware. A post from months ago Registration Now :- is specially designed for MAC, PC, and mobile.

What to do if VPN client for Windows won't connect?

This post details some of the more common errors users experience when trying to connect to the VPN server. I'm hoping that it will make it easier for people to troubleshoot their problems and get back online.

The instructions below are based on VPN Windows 8/10/7/XP client. They may work for other VPN Windows versions as well, but I haven't used them and can't guarantee they will work.

Here are a few common error messages users experience when using the VPN client on Windows: I have a VPN account and would like to download the Hide.

Your account has not been created yet. Click here to create your account and get started.

I've already created an account. Can I download the VPN client now?

Your account has been created and you may download the Hide.

I'm not getting the confirmation email when I login to the website.

Your email address hasn't been verified. You may login now to complete the registration process.

I can't sign in to my account. We're sorry, but your account has been deleted. My account was deleted. What do I do? We're sorry to hear that your account has been deleted. For help logging in or creating a new account, please contact our support team.

I keep getting a message saying my email address has been used. We're sorry to hear that your email address has been used. I get a message saying my email address is already in use. We're sorry to hear that your email address is already in use. I keep getting an error saying my email address is not valid. We're sorry to hear that your email address is not valid. I keep getting an error saying my email address is already registered. We're sorry to hear that your email address is already registered.

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