How tall do Japanese camellias get?

Do Japanese camellias like sun or shade?

Our garden is full of Japanese camellias.

They're all pink and they're the most beautiful flowers in the garden, but they need shade to bloom. I can't say exactly why. They don't like the heat or the dryness. They like the cold but not the snow. The soil has to be rich and the soil needs to be moist.

Some say that a Japanese camellia needs to be planted in autumn and then it will bloom all summer. But some of them bloom all summer, all year round.

My neighbor had a camellia for years and she's gone now. She told me that the camellia came from Japan and that there are many different types of Japanese camellia. Some camellia like the sun, some comellia like the rain.

I had heard that camellia flowers taste sweet. I've tried some and I didn't taste any sweetness. I don't think I can do it, but I thought it would be good if you could drink camellia flowers.

Japanese camellias like shade and rich soil. But they don't like cold or snow. They grow best in the spring and summer.

I had heard that Japanese camellias love water. But our camellias are not thirsty. We water them once a week. Sometimes we water them more often.

When I was young I was afraid touch a camellia. But they are not dangerous. They're not poisonous or anything.

Japanese camellias grow easily and quickly. It takes about three months to flower. Some Japanese camellias bloom every year. Some have double flowers.

I've seen pictures of Japanese camellia that were made with white paper. The paper was not cut. The flowers were not cut.

The paper was like a veil over the camellia. The paper was a veil that covered the flower.

People in Japan like to hang camellias from their clothes. But some of the camellias are too heavy to hang from a clothes line. The camellia is heavy.

Japanese camellias love to grow. They love the soil and the sun. They grow well in a garden. The camellia likes to grow in the garden.

How tall do Japanese camellias get?

I have noticed that the taller varieties of Japanese camellias do better than the shorter varieties in our area, even under the full sun.

How tall do the Japanese varieties grow in the north? Are some of them as tall as the European varieties? Can we order the long Japanese varieties from the Internet? Thanks for any help you can give, Mike. I had several Japanese shrubs in Maine a few years ago, the only ones I think have survived because they all had many buds. Unfortunately none are in flower and none were ever grafted as far as I know. Maybe someone knows about those. We moved twice since then, the garden at the second house is still filled with flowers but not sure whether it will last because so many varieties had died there previously. I don't care what height these are, I have some seedlings that are about 4" tall and I'm amazed they survived so well. So this time I will grow the Japanese varieties as large as I can and I will graft them when they come in bloom. One year I hope to get all the Japanese to flower for the first time in the wild. I want to give them as big an opportunity as I can.

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How often does the Japanese camellia bloom?

Does the tree change colors?

What's the best time to take a picture? How do you know if you've got the right camellia? When was the last time you had a camellia? If you're looking for answers to these questions and more, this is the column for you.

I was recently approached by a reader who wanted to know how often the Japanese camellia blooms. In fact, she was so fascinated by the prospect that she asked if I would write a whole column about it. I don't mind if people are interested in my columns, but I draw the line at writing whole articles! Still, I'm happy to answer some of her questions here.

The Japanese camellia is a beautiful, showy deciduous shrub that flowers in spring. It grows in the sun, but in cooler climes, it's often grown in pots or in a greenhouse. It's also known as the 'Japanese snow'.

In this article, I'll take you on a virtual tour of the Japanese camellia, show you when it blooms and where you can find them, talk about their interesting flower colors, and answer all your other questions. When should you expect to see the Japanese camellia? According to my sources, the Japanese camellia blooms from mid-March through late May in the Northern Hemisphere. I've been told that the blossoms don't last long, so it might better to catch them in bloom when you can.

In the Southern Hemisphere, it blooms from late November through February. So, if you live somewhere in between the two hemispheres, you could get a perfect camellia bloom when it's on your doorstep. If you're lucky, you could get a double-bloom.

It will be difficult to find camellias in bloom during winter. The flowers will be in bud, and even when they open up, the colors won't be the same. I have seen blooms on some shrubs in December, but I don't know how common that is.

Where can I buy camellias in bloom? It depends on where you live. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, there are camellia nurseries that specialize in growing them. You can also grow them in containers.

What is the difference between camellia and Japanese camellia?

Is it the same difference between peony and Chinese peony?

Camellia = Camellia Sinensis. The plant usually grows to a maximum height of about 5 feet (150cm) with flowers that bloom from spring through summer. It has long narrow leaves, sometimes called "fan" shaped, with red tinged leaves in winter and yellowing leaves in the fall.

Camellia sinensis. The Japanese Camellia (also known as Japonesa or Japonica) originated in Japan, is smaller than the native Chinese variety, grows to a maximum height of about 4 feet (1.2m) with flowers that bloom from spring through early summer. It has rounder leaves and produces more flowers per year than the Chinese variety.

The China variety (also known as Anji or Xishuangbanna or Banna) is cultivated and grown throughout China, Korea and Japan. It is the most popular variety in flower shops and nurseries. It grows to a maximum height of about 2 to 3 feet (60cm) with flowers that bloom from spring through early summer. The leaves are broad in shape and are not tinged red in winter.

The European and African varieties of camellia produce smaller, bushier plants with flowers that bloom from spring through fall. The leaves are tinged red in winter.

Camellia reticulata. It's a long story. Camellia is a genus of herbaceous perennial plants native to East Asia (from southern China to India) and Central Asia. There are about 300 species in this genus, which have been used for oil production and decorative purposes, particularly for their foliage.

Paeonia comes from an area similar to that of camellias and has about 40 different species with about 18 hybrids. In the past, the hybrid name of Paeonia has been confusing, but nowadays only camellia and its hybrids are known as paeonies. You can read more about this confusing situation here and here.

Camellias and paeonies are quite different. Some differences are described here. I've never seen a Japanese camellia.

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