Do visual timers work?

What is the best visual timer for ADHD?

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I suffer from ADHD as well. I'd say at least 90% of my problems are directly related to the ADD/HD factor. I find that most ADHD-specific timers don't help me as much as they do for my non-ADHD loved ones, even though they seem to help them at first. Is there an app or piece of hardware for a home that would be helpful for me? Or am I better off just managing my life through meditation, and/or by doing what I can? Thanks!

ADHD is only one possible reason, for things that make it hard for you to concentrate and get focus. Also, having ADD/ADHD is a symptom of other disorders and can also be caused by other things. My experience with ADHD is just that - it makes concentration hard. Nothing more.

There is a tool called CogSync, but that was not designed for this purpose. The app is not for managing your day, it's for doing brain training. It's very good for training the brain to focus better. It does that by "fooling" you into doing really difficult problems, and it tells you the answer when you give up on something. Even if you have ADHD.

CogSync gives you tasks where you have to concentrate on the numbers on the screen, and focus while doing that. They are sometimes very difficult, but will usually give you the correct answer after you give up. You won't get every task right, but for me, it has worked extremely well.

Also, one of the things that CogSync has found in helping me get into a good state of mind to focus is changing my surroundings. I sit in a dark room, with absolutely nothing to distract me, and have headphones in so that I can hear the sound of the screen.

What is the ADHD friendly timer?

It's a timer that gives you the opportunity to focus on the ADHD friendly task or task that you have scheduled in your "Actions" or "Activities" category.

The idea is that by doing that task, your attention is directed at the task itself.

Here are some suggestions of the different types of Timer functions in ABA Planner: Time-Budget: This is the timer that allows you to budget time so that you can focus one activity. When the timer is on, your brain tells you that you have time for a certain task or action. This works well when you want to concentrate on a specific task for a limited amount of time.

You'll want to choose one time of day and designate that time as your "Actions" or "Activities" timer, like at the end of the school day. Or if you have a specific time to get up and go to work in the morning, you could set that time as your morning Action Timer.

When it's on, all you see in the screen is the timer. However, you can make a comment about the current action by clicking on the button called "Task Comment". This allows you to give a comment on the current task. For example, you could say, "This is a fun activity". It would appear like this:

"This is a fun activity. I am now able to play quietly in my room. (2 minutes)

When the timer is off, you can switch tasks immediately if you want to. Activity-Budget: This is a timer that gives you the option to budget activities for limited time periods. Like the time-budget timer, you have the option to designate one "time" that you would like to limit how long you can spend in an activity or on a task. Again, there are specific times of day that can be used for this. So for example, one day of the week, you could set the "Time" for each Activity or Task to 3 minutes.

This would allow you to only spend 3 minutes working on a task. You can also set more specific times by choosing time intervals for the duration of each task. For example, you can set the duration to 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 5 minutes, and 1 minute.

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