How to setup PIA VPN on router?

How can I use PIA VPN?

If you have installed PIA VPN, the system will automatically detect whether VPN is connected or not.

When PIA VPN is connected, the icon of PIA VPN will be added to Notification Area. Once VPN is not connected, the icon of PIA VPN will be removed from the Notification Area.

The setting of using PIA VPN in your mobile is the same as using PIA VPN on PC. PIA VPN is a FREE IPsec VPN for PC and Mobile with one key advantage: It delivers a secure and encrypted connection with unlimited bandwidth all around the world, free of charge, and is a reliable, stable and fast IPsec VPN. on Android? Downloading PIA VPN from Google Play is simple! Step 1 : Download PIA VPN. You can download and install PIA VPN to your Android phone via the Market. To download: On your Android smartphone, go to the Google Play Store and search for PIA VPN. Download the app and open it. Tap Install and follow the steps given below. Click the green circle Ok when you have finished. You are now done! Note: Before installing PIA VPN, make sure that your phone has enough free space. How can I use PIA VPN on Apple Devices? If you have an iPhone or iPad, the steps above also work for you! 1- How to download and install PIA VPN. On your device, go to Settings > General > About. Find the model of your device and tap on it. In the next page, tap on the Build Number (at the bottom right), and then tap on 7. (The device will automatically install the update and restart).

2- Open PIA VPN and click Connect. After you have updated PIA VPN, it is ready for use. PIA VPN will be displayed at the top right corner of the screen. Click the icon to start using it.

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