How long does it take to unlock an Apple ID?

How do I unlock my Apple ID password if I forgot it?

You can reset your Apple ID password if you forgot it.

From the Home screen of your iPhone, tap Settings, tap General, then tap Passwords & Keys. Select the Apple ID with which you want to change your password. At the Password Reset screen, tap the button with your finger or tap Passcode if you have added a passcode to your Apple ID. Enter your current password, then tap Change Password.

From the Home screen of your iPad, tap Settings, tap General, then tap Reset Password. You can use this option to reset your Apple ID password on an iPhone with which you registered your device.

If your Apple ID is an email address, you can change your password at the Apple ID page in the App Store. To do this, go to the App Store on your iPhone, tap Purchased, then tap Apple ID. Tap Edit to set a new password for your Apple ID.

Your settings are stored on the iCloud servers. Some changes are also stored locally, on the device on which they were made. This helps us keep track of your device settings, like where your device is located when it's turned off or when it automatically saves settings. If you change your password at the Apple ID website, your settings and your security questions are updated.

How can I change my iCloud password? If your iCloud account was created through the website, you can change your password at the website or the Help pages. You can change your Apple ID password using these methods: If your Apple ID was created from another device, you can change your password from the Apple ID screen in the App Store.

How long does it take to unlock an Apple ID?

An Apple ID is used to activate or deactivate services such as iCloud, iTunes, iMessage and Find My iPhone with your Apple-issued credit card, and to access or delete data on an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad.

You can also add or update an Apple ID from a Mac or iOS device.

An Apple ID comes in two flavors: one that's tied to a device, and another that's tied to a family. If you're using a Mac or iOS device to add or update your Apple ID, then the process should happen almost instantly. However, if you need to manage your account from a different device, it can take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours, depending on how your network performs.

When you first add or update an Apple ID, you'll be prompted to sign in using a combination of an email address and password, which is called a "login name" and "password." You don't have to use these, but they are required. If you haven't used these to log in to your iTunes account on another device in the last 30 days, then the login name and password you use now will be saved for future use.

Why is my Apple ID locked, and how can I prevent it from happening again?

When you sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID, a message appears on the screen.

You should not sign in to the App Store with any other Apple ID.

Your Apple ID has been locked to prevent unauthorized access to the App Store. The following options are available to unlock your Apple ID: Sign in with your Apple ID, which unlocks your account. Create a new Apple ID. Inform the App Store of your Apple ID's details. Remove the account from the App Store. You cannot restore an account that has been locked. If you do not want to sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID, you can remove your account from the App Store by choosing Sign out from the App Store. If you sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID, you may have forgotten your password. If this is the case, you can reset it by following the steps in Reset your password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by following the steps in Reset your password. Select Remove from App Store. Enter the following credentials: Username or email address (if you know it): Password: Confirm Password: If you removed your account from the App Store, you cannot restore it. The above message will appear in the App Store if you sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID, and then remove your account from the App Store. If you sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID, then sign in to the App Store again, you will see the same message.

To prevent this from happening again, we recommend that you remove your Apple ID from the App Store. If you removed your account from the App Store, you can restore it by following the steps in Restore your account. If you removed your account from the App Store, and you cannot restore it, please contact us. For additional assistance, select Contact Apple Support. Contact us if you believe you're having trouble accessing the App Store with your Apple ID. We can help you with this issue.

For more information, please see How to reset your password. Select the Help menu. Select Contact Apple Support.

How do I unlock my Apple ID account?

With your original Apple ID, access to the iCloud and Apple services you use on your iPhone and iPad, like Find My iPhone.

If you have an original Apple ID, we ask you to create a new Apple ID or restore your device backup when needed. You will need to sign into iCloud on your web browser, as well as apps using your Apple ID email address.

How do I restore from iCloud backup? On the Settings page, scroll down to the Restore section of the iOS system Summary page and tap "iCloud". Follow the instructions to sync your device with the latest data stored in iCloud. Make sure you choose the right account based on the Apple ID you've been using previously.

What can I do if I forgot my Apple ID password? You can unlock your Apple ID by resetting your passcode on your iPhone or tablet. Use the Password Generator to create a new 6 digit PIN to replace your old one. Your Apple ID will now be unlocked so you can sign into iCloud using your username and password when your device is available. Please note that you won't be able to add your device to other accounts if you forgot your password or are unable to remember it.

ICloud for Android works like a dream with over 100 Million devices in the World. Get the app, sign in with your email and create your iCloud account within just 10 minutes. From there, you can access to all the cloud storage services from any device. Download documents, photos and videos from iCloud to your devices. ICloud is built on Apple's proprietary technology, called the iCloud Keychain, to give you easy access to passwords, notes, credit cards and other sensitive information on your Apple devices. Plus, as part of your iCloud storage, you get unlimited backup of all your data in case you lose everything.

What can I do with all this great storage and services I get by signing in? Apple's services are built for you to store files, save and sync content, backup your personal and business information, manage subscriptions and create folders to organize everything you download. You can choose to keep files in your Photos, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders or Safari.e. You can also create folders within all those locations.

What does Apple ID Disabled mean?

I use an iPad, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and 2 iPhones.

The only device that has trouble is the iPhone. If I try to sign into any of my accounts on the iPhone, I get a message that says Apple ID Disabled

So how do I go about fixing this? I've gone into settings and reset my phone several times. If there's a problem with my phone, why does it affect all of my devices? If you're still having issues after resetting your phone, it may be possible that you've been locked out of your Apple ID because of an issue with your email, so in order to fix that, you can click on the Apple ID icon in Settings > General > About and scroll down to Account and then select Edit Mail Settings. After that, you can either select the Change Your Apple ID Settings option or choose to Reset Your Password.

Hi, it seems like you are using Gmail as your email client on the iPhone. Gmail blocks third party apps from sending emails to domains outside of their own servers. They are not allowed to send emails to other domains like Apple ID.

I had this same issue on an iPhone 5s. After trying out the solution above, I finally had to turn off my Apple ID in the iCloud settings and then back on. This is the first time that happened and I didn't know how to do it before.

I have been having a very similar problem with this issue since the new iOS 8 update. I too have an iPhone 5S. I have used a USB data cable to connect to my MacBook Pro. I was able to successfully log into my account and did everything I needed. I changed my password but upon trying to sign in again I was prompted with the following message: "Your Apple ID has been disabled. Please sign in again with your current Apple ID." I tried a number of things including creating a new account but was still not successful. I read the suggested solution above and attempted to sign out and in again but nothing has worked so far. Any suggestions?

I've never used an iPhone before. But, I'm reading this from my iPad, which I used to access my Apple ID. Why am I getting the message: "Apple ID Disabled" when I try to use my Apple ID to update my iTunes? What is causing this message? How can I fix it?

Can I call Apple to unlock my locked Apple ID?

If you've lost your Apple ID password, reset it yourself.

If you have a device that is owned and activated under your Apple ID (the Macbook for example), then you might be able to get some help from an authorised repair facility using an Emergency Access Tool (for more information see ) as they would be able to bypass any security measures applied by Apple during setup and activation of a device.

Can I send photos to my iCloud from the camera roll? Yes you can! Your iPhone photo album will have all the photos captured using the iOS camera rolled together with all other photos you've taken with your phone on your iCloud Photo Library. You'll need to take a look at all these photos in Photos before selecting them all to be sent to your iCloud Photo Library though.

You can also manually add photos from the Photos app to your iCloud Photo Library directly from the app. How do I make a backup of my iPhone? On iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and later, iMac or MacBook you can use iTunes to back up the iPhone, and then you can connect your iPhone to your computer. Then you can restore your iPhone on to your new iPhone with iCloud Backup enabled or restore the contents of your iPhone over the internet using iTunes. For iPad and iPod touch iOS 11 users, you can use iPad or iTunes to back up the device. You can also use iCloud to backup your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, however iTunes is a more robust option and offers better compatibility with your computer.

How do I upgrade my iPhone or iPod touch to iOS 11? Upgrade to iOS 11 by following the instructions in this guide: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch will prompt you to download the update to your device over Wifi or the Internet or directly over cellular data and it will then show as Purchased in iTunes on your computer. Note that the download can take a while depending on your Wifi or cellular plan, your Wi-Fi router and its capacity, how close your Apple Store is to you etc. If you purchased your device via finance, you might not need to pay for the upgrade.

How can I recover my Apple ID without a phone number?

I've been trying to register a new Apple ID for my iPhone 4, and can't seem to find the Apple ID I had before I upgraded.

I thought maybe it was lost or that I might have left it somewhere, but I have the old phone number on my account and nothing else. When I click on my Apple ID on the Apple Store website, it redirects to a page that says Please complete your sign-in information. What do I do next? Is there an alternate way to recover it without a phone number?

To recover a lost Apple ID or password. If you lose the email address that you use to create your Apple ID or lose the password for your Apple ID, you can't retrieve the Apple ID with just that information. You will need the email address or password that you used to create the Apple ID in order to be able to recover it.

Can't use an alternate Apple ID for recovery. It is not possible to create an alternate Apple ID for a user. If you need to log into your account, you will need your original email address and password that you used to create the Apple ID.

What you'll need to do. You'll need access to the email address that you used to create your Apple ID. So if you had an email address, then you will need access to @apple.

If you don't remember the email address that you used to create the Apple ID, then you'll need the email address of the person who is the administrator of the account. If that's you, then you'll need to recover that Apple ID password.

To recover an Apple ID password. You need to have access to the email address that was used to create the Apple ID. Once you have access to that email address, then you can reset the Apple ID password.

Once you have access to the email address that you used to create the Apple ID, log in to the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap on Passwords & Keys. Select the Apple ID that you want to recover. Tap Reset Password.

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