How to run Microsoft Edge in Selenium?

How do I download Microsoft Edge driver for Selenium?

How to install Edge (chromium-based) on Windows 10 in VirtualBox VM or PC? Why Selenium is not compatible with Google Chrome drivers (Windows)? How to resolve it? Download Microsoft Edge driver for Selenium as shown here. Copy the folder D:Driver and paste it in C:SrcScripts folder. Then create a new command window and navigate to your project folder (it means path where you have C:SrcScripts folder). Now execute the following command in a new command window. You'll be prompt to give the absolute path where you have your project folder.

Npm install --save selenium-webdriver. Finally run your test case with selenium-webdriver-standalone . Open C:Users.npmrc with a text editor.

Remove // for the location of selenium-webdriver stable version and // for chromedriver. It means remove below lines in .npmrc file.

@types/selenium-webdriver:registry= @types/selenium-webdriver:browserstack=. Execute a test case with selenium-webdriver. Start selenium standalone and execute command as shown below. C:DLLsselenium-webdriver-3.141.59>standalone

After it, click on menu items on homepage of MicrosoftEdge (It's not working in Edge 44 for IE11). Then wait for a few seconds. After a few seconds a message will pop up at the top that says: To continue the installation you need to install a service called WTS. To install WTS type winetricks at a command line prompt. Press Enter or click OK to continue.

How to update Edge driver in Selenium?

I am trying to automate a site using Selenium.

I need to update the driver. I've searched online for a solution, but I didn't find any solution.

Below is the code for Edge: driver.setbrowser(browserName = 'MicrosoftEdge') driver.setpreference('general.start-edgehtml')
Driver.get("") Please help me with this problem. Thanks! It's recommended to use the latest version of the Edge driver. If you can't use that, you can use the following approach. From the official documentation: There are two possible methods to start an instance of MicrosoftEdge. One is to use a WebDriver session and the other is to start a process. The first method is preferred because it allows the driver to load the MicrosoftEdge instance into memory. This method is available since EdgeHTML 17.

Driver = webdriver.Edge() driver.get("") For EdgeHTML 13 or lower, you will have to start a process to run MicrosoftEdge. # Start a process. From subprocess import call. Process = subprocess.Edge(desiredcapabilities=) driver.get("") driver.quit() For a more detailed solution, you can read the documentation about Edge HTML version.

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