How do you see how many hours you have used an app on iPhone?

How do you see how many hours you have used an app on iPhone?

It's been on your iPhone for a month and you only have 100% battery left.

Time to update it.

Now think about how you would do that. Maybe your Mac is running some other app, or maybe your PC is asleep and you want to turn off your home machine and then use the Apple TV. You could even have your Mac or PC set up to run multiple apps at once in background mode and shut itself down.

How do you know how many hours you've used or will use an app? For iPhone, I don't. There are notifications that tell me. On Android I can get one-time usage information on apps like Tasker. I can also set apps to run in background and periodically check the usage for updates.

But this is all limited to one-time usage. The app I mentioned can't tell me how much time I'm using it for each day.

A solution to these problems is the app that will eventually ship with Apple Watch. It will display how much time the wearer has spent in various applications and how much battery is available.

When that app comes out, it's going to get used and abused. If you had the option of having that information when you first put your phone away for the night, it would allow you to use less mobile data. That's important because I'm a light user of mobile data.

I don't take full advantage of the apps that are built into my iPhone. I use them to do the things I need to do and when I'm done, I close them. So I don't have any specific numbers for the time I've used specific apps. But I'll eventually use it to get a more accurate number.

If there was a way to access the amount of time the wearer is spending in an app, it would be a game-changer for battery life. What it will likely mean. If you're using an iPhone without using an Apple Watch, the only way you can get a sense of how much you've spent time using apps is by checking your phone. The problem is, once you've opened an app, it uses more battery.

Does iPhone track app activity?

I've seen this a couple times before on this site, but I think I may have asked a similar question a while back so I'll try again.

Does anyone know if the iPhone app activity is tracked, and if so what info is stored? The short answer is YES, but there are no details available. Apple has their own terms of service for their App Store that explains some privacy policies, but they're not made public. I don't see an opportunity to download the TOS document on iTunes Connect.

Some people will say "it's just the same as Android's Market", but that's not true at all. Android tracks every app that's ever been downloaded. Every app on every device is tracked and has data sent back to Google. I have no way of knowing if that information is shared with Apple.

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