Which platforms are supported by Mobicip?

Is Mobicip free?

Mobicip is a free software that allows you to manage the content of your children in the Internet. This tool is very useful when you are using a parental control because it allows you to block any kind of website or program and also it allows you to manage your children's browsing history.

Mobicip was originally launched for Windows users but now it is available for Mac and Linux users. If you are a new user, you will receive a free trial version for 30 days.99/year.

How can I install Mobicip? The installation process of Mobicip is very easy. Just download the .zip file from the official website and unzip it. Then, you need to run the installer file that is inside the extracted folder.

After the installation process is finished, you need to restart your PC. Now, you are ready to use Mobicip.

How to use Mobicip? After you installed Mobicip, you will see the main screen of Mobicip. On this screen, you will see the content that is managed by the program. The content includes your children's browser history, blocked websites, and so on.

If you want to manage the content, you need to click on the top button named "Content". On this screen, you will see all the content that is managed by Mobicip.

You can add a website, an app, or a program to the "Block" section. You can also click on the "Manage" button to see all the content that is managed by Mobicip. You can remove or add the content to the "Block" or "Manage" section.

If you want to block a specific website, you need to add the URL of that website to the "Block" section. Also, you need to click on the "Blocked" button to view the blocked websites.

If you want to manage the browser history, you need to click on the "History" button to open the history screen. You can remove or add the websites that you have visited. You can also clear the history.

You need to click on the "Settings" button to see all the settings and options of Mobicip. How to remove Mobicip?

Is Mobicip a VPN?

Why would a VPN be good for your browser and why not? We cover all the best questions to ask before you start to use Mobicip.

Mobicip Overview Video. Mobicip - The Fast, Easy & Free Way To Block Ads. I will be honest with you, I actually hate ads. Not an uncommon response! Especially when you consider how often they show up on my computer. Yes, I know what happens next, but you probably don't because I usually have multiple options.

This is where Mobicip comes in. Instead of simply blocking the annoying ads, Mobicip lets me actually block ads from other websites. This is great because it allows me to avoid ads for websites I visit frequently. But what if I am not interested in visiting those sites? Well you can't block them!

Enter the Mobicip VPN. This is like turning your phone on airplane mode, in that no internet connection is needed to use Mobicip (it's just one web address). So no matter what site you are on, you can still block all those annoying ads without having to leave the page you are currently on.

Before using Mobicip for the first time, make sure to read this Mobicip video series so you understand the technology behind it and what it will and will not do for you. How Mobicip Works. It's safe to say that most of us are familiar with VPN apps or services. So, let's dive into what a VPN does and how Mobicip fits into this world.

The Basics of VPNs. Think of a VPN as a virtual private network. By establishing a direct, encrypted link between your computer and a VPN server, you will be able to browse the internet securely. Because your devices are never in direct contact with another user, we assume this is one of the reasons why people feel compelled to use them. But is a VPN better than browsing in airplane mode?

First of all, yes a VPN can work very similarly to airplane mode. While it is recommended you install a VPN app, it's not always necessary. As long as you are connected to a reputable VPN server, you should never have an issue (I won't get into this any further as I cover this in the next section).

The primary benefit of a VPN is encryption.

What app is like Mobicip?

What is the difference between Mobicip and NetNanny? The bottom line is that both of these apps work very similarly. They work to detect the use of internet and block it. You are not able to use any internet connections on the computer while using Mobicip or NetNanny. The difference between them is the way they go about it. Mobicip is a free software application that you can download for Windows and Mac. NetNanny is a paid version of Mobicip that is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS devices. In both the applications, you get features like web filtering and web blocking to ensure that your children are safe online. However, Mobicip offers additional features that NetNanny lacks.

What are the best features of Mobicip? Mobicip has a feature that allows you to share your Wi-Fi password with other users of the app. This allows other people using Mobicip to connect to your Wi-Fi network and use it for internet access. They also have a feature that allows parents to specify a list of sites that their kids cannot visit. These sites can be added by the parent using the app. With Mobicip, you can manage all of your devices through a central dashboard. All the devices that you connect to the dashboard are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This allows you to connect other devices to the same Wi-Fi network and control them using Mobicip. Another great feature of Mobicip is that it has parental controls that let you restrict certain websites on the internet. You can specify a list of websites and let your kids visit them but not others. You can also specify a time limit for them to use the internet.

Can I use Mobicip on mobile devices? Mobicip does support mobile devices. You can use Mobicip on iOS and Android devices. You will need to download the app from the respective app stores. The app will work similar to the desktop version. You can use it on the mobile devices.

Can I use Mobicip on my Mac or Windows computer? Mobicip does not support Mac or Windows. It only supports mobile devices. You can use Mobicip on iOS devices.

Is Mobicip compatible with any router? Mobicip is compatible with almost any router. Some routers have to be configured manually to connect to Mobicip.

What can Mobicip do?

What Mobicip can do is to help you create a safe and secure digital life. Mobicip will protect your children from accessing material that is harmful to their psychological and physical health, while also helping them grow into responsible young adults who learn how to make good decisions. It's a comprehensive solution that will help you feel more confident and in control of your children's digital life, both online and off.

Is Mobicip legal? Yes. All of Mobicip's programs are safe and the information that they collect and use is legally protected. The Mobicip Kids application has been granted permission to collect data in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, which protects children under 13. Parents and schools have the option of disabling any of Mobicip's features. Any other features accessed through Mobicip are completely voluntary.

I'm not a gamer. How does Mobicip protect my children? Mobicip offers many features that specifically target young people who play online. For example, parents can easily configure the system to automatically block access to inappropriate websites or games (eg, pornography or violent games) based on the sites visited. Parents can also set their own controls at the time their children are able to access Mobicip. Parents are informed about any time their child visits websites blocked by the program, and they have the opportunity to intervene or remove the website from the blacklist.

Will Mobicip prevent my kids from visiting pornography? In addition to blocking access to inappropriate websites, Mobicip blocks all websites containing pornographic images and video. Parents have full control over these filters at the time their children are able to use Mobicip.

Can Mobicip identify my children's location? Mobicip can be configured to provide the location of the device used to access Mobicip, including a geographic map. This data is limited to the areas where the device has Wi-Fi coverage.

Is Mobicip tracking my kids? No. Mobicip does not monitor your children's activities while using Mobicip. If you see any unusual activity on your device's screen, simply go to settings and deactivate the app.

What kind of games does Mobicip support? Mobicip can be configured to provide parents with information about any games that their children are playing.

How to get started with Mobicip?

Step 1. Download the Mobicip mobile app Downloading Mobicip is as easy as clicking a button on the App Store or Play Store. You can download the free version of Mobicip and try it out on your mobile device. If you like it, upgrade to a premium version and get unlimited features for one low monthly subscription. You can also buy an app-only license with a discount if you want to download Mobicip on multiple devices at the same time.

Step 2. Register with a username and password You will need to register with your user name and password. You will be able to log in from anywhere as long as you have the Mobicip app.

Step 3. Set up your profile Make sure you fill out all the fields. This will allow Mobicip to understand your location and provide you with the best features based on your specific location. You will see a map on the profile page showing where you are located and which features you are missing.

Step 4. Try Mobicip will now have a new tab on your mobile device that shows your live location. A warning will pop up in the middle of the screen if you are trying to access Mobicip outside your home Wi-Fi network. Step 5. Enjoy! Now you can enjoy streaming movies, television, and live events in your home using your mobile device. How does Mobicip work? Mobicip has hundreds of TV channels and thousands of movies available in the U. And Canada. It also has local programming.

Mobicip works by letting you pause your television when you're at home and resume watching when you're away. Mobicip gives you the ability to watch live TV while you are at home and pause it when you are away.

The technology uses Wi-Fi and GPS to determine when you are at home. To view your favorite TV shows and movies, you will need to download the Mobicip app to your mobile device and start watching. To start watching a movie, select the movie from the list of recently watched movies. On the next screen, you will see a map with a white dot and a red circle. If you are away, the red circle will be a ring around the dot.