How do you check what app you use the most on Samsung?

Is there a way to check app usage?

I use my device to store all the work I've done lately.

This includes stuff for work and stuff for fun. The problem is that the space on my SD Card is getting a bit tight (I've about 7GB free space).

My biggest fear is that I will run out of space, and I won't be able to do anything with my device for some time. Is there a way to check what apps are taking up most space, so I can delete anything that has gone unused for a while? I know my phone can be a bit laggy, so I'll do anything to keep it from crashing. Android does not delete items from applications that you've disabled through either the "clear data" or "wipe app data" options. They'll remain there until Android decides you have room for it.

The best way to determine space consumption is to simply log-in to your Google account and go into your Apps list. Then choose "Download All" from the drop-down menu. It's up to you to decide whether you want to get rid of the unused apps in one swoop or if you'd rather wait until a more opportune time. This will allow you to keep track of how much space each app consumes in your Google account.

There may be an easy way to do this with Titanium Backup if you're willing to do a little digging. If you install an app through the market, you'll need to enable it through the market at the 'Settings' level under 'Applications.' If you install an app outside of the market, it doesn't have to be enabled as this is handled by the system and not the market. Once you've done this, you should be able to browse the 'Application Data' and 'App Installed' folders to see if the app was installed with any other data than is typical.

This method may not show much if the apps you installed were large (ie, games). However, if it's not games, then most of the 'App installed' data should not be too large or long-lived.

If you decide to do this, be careful that you don't get confused by apps with 'installation data' that they want to keep in the folder. They often have different sizes depending on the phone model you're using.

How do I see app activity on Android?

I am using the Google Analytics API for Android.

I would like to see how many times an app is launched or an app is closed. I have used the GA tracking code with a button which on click of the button launches the app and the app creates a new session and passes the parameters. The session ends once the user closes the app.

However, I would like to see how many times the app is launched and how many times it is closed. Is there any way I can do this? You can't get this information directly from the analytics, as the user has to launch your app to get it, and in that case, he doesn't have to use your app. You could check if the app is launched from your own server, and keep track of that in your database (using SharedPreferences or whatever you want). But this won't work if the user is using another app, and the solution you are proposing wouldn't work if the user launches the app from the Google Play Store.

How do you check what app you use the most on Samsung?

Do you ever wonder which app on your phone or tablet you use the most?

That's a question I was asked by a friend and I thought it might be fun to share my answers. So here goes, what is your most used app? There's a few apps that I use constantly, but there are also some apps that I rarely use. WhatsApp: I have my own Telegram account, but if I'm looking for quick answers or just chat with people I know, WhatsApp is my go-to app. It's very easy to use, I can receive messages at any time of day and I can reply to them in the same way, too. I can send pictures, videos and more.

I really enjoy using WhatsApp. Gmail: This is one of the apps I use most of the time. If I need to send an email or send a message to someone, I usually use Gmail.

Gmail is free and it's easy to use. I'm a bit addicted to it, haha.

YouTube: I'm not really a YouTube user, I only watch it if someone sends me a video or a clip. I like watching videos of cats, dogs or nature, so this is what I mainly watch.

Facebook Messenger: When I don't feel like sending a text message or sending an email, I use Facebook Messenger. It's very simple to use and it allows me to talk to my friends. Twitter: I use Twitter less often than I use Facebook Messenger. I mostly use Twitter when I'm bored, so I send random things or I just send a funny picture or something.

Instagram: Instagram is another app I use less often than Facebook Messenger, but I do use it to share photos with my friends or to share funny moments. Spotify: I'm not really into music, I don't listen to any band or song. If I'm at home, Spotify is the one app that I use the most. I'm not really sure why I use it so much.

How do I see how much time I spend on an app on Samsung?

I want to see how much time I spend on an app on my phone.

For example, my phone is in my pocket and I use an app to text my wife and tell her I'm running late. I want to be able to see how much time it takes me to send the message.

I don't know if this is possible, but maybe there is some kind of a built-in app or widget that can show how much time I spend on the phone. I am running a Galaxy S5 on stock Android 5.0.

In the settings, you should be able to see the history of all apps usage, including the total time. Since you're using Samsung Galaxy S5, you can download Samsung's Smart Manager app from playstore. It's a one-stop solution for most of the needs of your device. In this app, you'll find all kinds of monitoring options, including Time Spent (specially for the App) and Usage Stats, which shows you the details of your usage of various Apps.

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