Why is Safari not working on my new iPhone?

Is there a problem with Safari today?

A few days ago Safari had a problem with the font loading. All of a sudden Safari started crashing, sometimes it would not even load at all. I went through the web for solutions but found nothing at all. It seemed to work fine after that. I tried again, same results. For awhile. Then I restarted my computer and everything is fine, until I reboot it goes back to the problem. Then after that it will fix itself for about a day, then it will go back to the problem. Also this has happened on multiple machines. My friend's computer crashed, we couldn't figure out what was wrong with it so we uninstalled Safari and reinstalled it and it worked fine again.

My friend, my boyfriend's mother's computer (they use my computer as well) and my computer have all been affected. This happens right before I get on school property, which only lasts a couple of minutes.

1 Answer. I figured out how to fix the font loading problem. After every crash I would go to safari, choose preferences, then click the arrow in the top right, and view history. Then I'd be able to see what had caused the crash.

The website "webpagetest.org" had a font loading issue, and the same issue would occur on my computer if I did it. I went to and made sure all fonts were disabled. This seemed to have solved the problem for awhile, but then it would happen again. So I deleted my history, and now this never happens anymore.

To delete your history: Click on the Gear icon on the top right. Click on Preferences. Click on the History. Then click on the arrow and select "Delete Saved History". You can also clear your browsing history at any time in safari I have been having this problem, I tried deleting my history, and that did not help. Then I read the article about it. I have an issue with my ipad. When I try and install itunes on it. It will just crash. If I go to an application and click on it, the program will open and then close right away. No errors. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it multiple times, but it just keeps happening. I tried resetting my ipad, but nothing.

How do I fix Safari not loading web pages?

I am using Safari on my Mac and I am having a problem where the web pages will not load. I am not sure why this is happening. I have not been able to figure it out and the other people I've tried it on don't have the same problem. This happens on multiple computers and multiple browsers so I don't think it's a local problem.

I just don't understand how to fix this. I've searched online and there are no answers that I can find.

Here are some screenshots of what happens: When I click on a link, this happens: I've also tried Chrome and Firefox and they work fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Try launching your browser with the following arguments (replace the path in quotes with the path to your website): enable-internal-popup-blocker -no-compositing. This should tell Safari to disable it's "internal popup blocker" that disables popups. Also, it seems like you're using Safari 5.1, which is still in beta. If possible, I would recommend updating to the latest stable version (Safari 7), or upgrade to OSX Lion or OSX Mountain Lion, as the internal popup blocker can sometimes cause stability problems.

Edit: You can also try removing the folder called .AppleDouble from your Home directory. This folder is normally hidden, so you will need to go into Finder and navigate to your Home directory (this is where your documents and music is, and most likely your Downloads directory, so you might want to take a look at that too). Navigate to your Home directory, and then inside the .AppleDouble folder. Then, if you can find the file com.apple.dock.plist, delete it. This is what causes the issue for me, and this will allow you to re-install the . This only works if you are using the latest version of Safari, as there is no equivalent for .AppleDouble in previous versions of Safari.

Why is Safari not working on my new iPhone?

How do I install apps to my phone? Can I play Angry Birds? How do I delete Safari from the Apple menu?

The first thing you should do if you find you're having trouble with your new iPhone, or just getting things sorted in general, is ask Apple for help. The Apple Community Help Pages provides a one-stop shop for Apple users to solve problems on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Apple TVs. If you need help using your new iPhone you could have a look at our tutorials page, or ask an Apple Store worker or customer support team member. They can direct you to other resources that could be helpful.

You might be lucky enough that the problem you're having is relatively common and has already been addressed by a customer support team member. They'll know what your issue is and will be able to tell you how to get it fixed, if that's the case. In the event that it's not, and there is no existing resolution in place, you'll likely be directed to get a replacement handset as per Apple's warranty obligations. Alternatively, there are a lot of online forums where other users have encountered the same issue and have got around it successfully.

You might have accidentally disabled the Safari service while it was downloading updates, and if you're currently updating your new iPhone then there's a good chance it will have automatically re-enabled itself. If your Safari service is disabled, simply open the Settings application (in the Apple menu on the home screen), tap the General tab, then scroll down until you find the Safari item. Press the Info button next to the Safari heading, and turn on 'Enable Safari'. You may be asked for your password, in which case type it. Your iPhone will then download all of the latest extensions, cookies, cache and plug-ins, and turn back on the Safari service.

I installed many free applications, why won't I be able to find them when they appear in the App Store? Downloaded Apps appear in the App Store for a day or two before they expire. Once an app has expired its icon will not appear in the App Store.

Apps download over a WiFi or cellular connection are stored to your iPhone on the device and will download again when you connect to the Internet.

How do I refresh Safari on my iPhone 14?

Apple introduced a new iPhone model, the iPhone XS, on Sept. 12. One of the big features of this new phone is that it is the first iPhone to be refreshed with a new operating system. The new iPhone comes with an all-new operating system, iOS 12, which is actually an update to the iOS 11 that was released last fall.

The big difference in the new operating system is a dark mode that gives you access to black, gray, and sepia colors, which is much easier on your eyes. This new operating system also introduces a new user interface that is called "dark mode."

IOS 12 comes with several other cool features that were not available with previous versions of iOS. These features include things like Memoji, Screen Time, and Apple Pay.

There are many cool features in iOS 12, but if you have an iPhone that came with iOS 11, you will need to update it before you can take advantage of them. However, since the iPhone XS came out with the new operating system, most people will want to update their phone, so they will be happy to know that it is actually very easy to do. Here's how to do it.

Things you'll need. If you do not already have an Apple ID, you will need to create one before you can update your device. If you do not already have an iPhone, you will need to buy a new one, too.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap General. Tap Software Update. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the name of the device you want to update, which will usually be the name of your new iPhone. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the Install button. If you are prompted to download the update, tap Install. If not, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Skip to start the update process.

If prompted to open the App Store and Apple ID setup, tap the link. On the next screen, tap Sign In. If you do not have an Apple ID, tap Create Apple ID. If you already have an Apple ID, tap Use Existing Apple ID. Enter your email address, and then tap Next.

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