Is The Boys season 4 the last season?

Is The Boys DC or Marvel?

DC has been making a big push lately. With Batman, Justice League and Death of Superman out now, we have an idea of what DC thinks are the hottest properties. So when DC announced the other day that they were going to release a new Superman series, called The Man of Steel, this raised the question as to whether they would also be releasing a new Teen Titans series? I was about to start reading Justice League International for the first time and this news got me thinking about my favourite comic book heroes, and which one I would want to be the main hero for the new series. Of course, I had no idea who was doing this, so without further adieu, here is my top five list of characters that I think should be the focus of a new DC or Marvel series.

The Flash. Yes, this seems like a no brainer, but when you consider that the current Flash comic series is written by Geoff Johns, it is clear that the title character is the first on my list. The Flash is one of my favourite comic book characters, so it would be great to see the team up with the Justice League and in particular Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I'm looking forward to the next big storyline, where Wonder Woman is sent back in time and meets Barry Allen! Although I'm not too sure how much the Justice League International crossover would appeal to new readers. It doesn't really have a story line, except a vague idea that there are bigger fish to fry.

Green Lantern. The Green Lantern may be the biggest superhero that I have ever read. I must have read every Green Lantern comic that I can get my hands on, and I have read the entire Green Lantern/Flash crossover as well as the Green Lantern/Atom one shot. I know I have a bit of a soft spot for the Green Lantern and although the character is a favourite of mine, I wouldn't say that it is the most important comic book character for me. He is the best character, though. I've met plenty of Green Lantern fans and he is certainly one of the most popular characters. A new Green Lantern series would be great, and would also be the perfect opportunity to make him the lead character. I'd love to see a Green Lantern series, so I hope DC goes ahead with it.

Will The Boys season 4 come?

So, I don't know if anyone wants to hear my ramblings, but here it is. There was a poll on this site before the boys went missing. I voted for them and wrote a paragraph about why. As soon as they disappeared, my hopes went with them. If they're still alive, I'm going to be so proud of them, but if they aren't and they are just lost, well then I'm going to be really sad. But either way, I'm going to be happy to see them again.

I miss you guys. Please come back soon. It was a great season. I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have.

I'm still upset and in shock that there is not a single bit of news to prove that they are alive. A couple of months ago, I asked the question "what do we do now" and some people said "wait until the boys come home" but I disagree. They are not going to come back and they never were.

I know that its too much to ask but can anyone please make an effort to tell us when they will come back? I want to know that they are not dead. Its hard enough for me to accept that they are really gone.

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Is The Boys season 4 the last season?

I just wanna know if this is the last season of The Boys or is it possible that they will make a few more seasons down the road. I mean, we have learned a lot about the characters and we also get a lot of drama and a lot of good stuff in the show but I'm kinda tired of the plot and I want to know if there's gonna be a new season or not. So. Any answer?

A new season would certainly be nice, but I doubt that they would go on hiatus until 2023. We still have "The Fall", "The Conners" and "American Idol" to look forward to! I hope they do another season, though.

Re: ? Originally Posted by zenpaul. I would assume the end of season 4 would be the end of the show. I was thinking the same thing, they have so much potential but I just dont see them going further. Maybe more seasons after the current ones, but I am pretty sure they wont go back to the same place again I honestly think that The Boys Season 5 will be their final season. I have read on a forum somewhere that they wanted to end the series as soon as the first 5 episodes aired. Since then, we haven't seen anything and I don't think they will go on a hiatus.

Is the boys season 3 the final season?

I've been a long time fan of Game of Thrones but when I watched the trailer for the last season (the boys) I was shocked, I really didn't think they could pull it off after the show killed off the main character's wife and child. But the trailer looks amazing, and even though the show has gone to many directions in the last couple of seasons, it still looks like a complete show.

The boys is being created by Michael Hirst who is behind the brilliant The Trap and The Deceivers. Will it be as good as the first season? I doubt it, but I'm going to have to give it a watch.

I've been a long time fan of Game of Thrones but when I watched the trailer for the last season (the boys) I was shocked, I really didn't think they could pull it off after the show killed off the main character's wife and child. Ive been following this show from the start and Ive never been this excited for a tv show since I was a kid watching the X-files and I think Im going to enjoy it for what it is but it is definitely not the end of Game of Thrones. The boy's season is definitely a prequel set in a different time period. I believe in the past GoT had 3 main seasons 1-3 and a prequel 4-6. This one would be set around 10 years prior to 3.

Haven't watched the trailer but I'm guessing it takes place some time after the last season of GoT some of the characters aren't around. There will probably be plenty of people that think this is a waste of time but I think it'll be great.

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