How to convert JSON data into table format?

How to convert a JSON file to CSV?

If you are using JSON to store large amounts of data in your SQL Server tables and need to do data conversion from JSON format to CSV (Text or Excel) format, you may face a challenge. As your JSON Data is coming from a REST endpoint, there is no need to use your SQL Server Management Studio to convert it to CSV.

You may end up writing SQL code to convert to CSV. But let's say you already have the code for it written. What would be the best way to get the output file into your CSV format without writing code?

I was having a similar issue when I was working on a large JSON conversion. In my case, I had already written the code to write to a csv file. The challenge here was that my JSON data was coming from a REST API call, so my code was not able to access the SQL Server database directly and I was stuck converting to CSV.

The process I used to convert to CSV was very easy. It used PowerShell and SSIS to do the work for me. The steps are as follows:

Use SSIS to execute an HTTP GET request using the REST Service URL provided by your API source. You should get a response similar to this: This will return the list of content available. You can use the JSON string that you have received in step 1 as your query parameter. This is the REST API Query Parameter.

You will see the following screen when you open this query in the Integration Services Query Editor. Please replace the values with your own information.

Execute the request and save the csv file as the response. The data will be saved in your database table. You don't have to run the CSV creation code after that. All the data conversion was done in the first step!

But there is a catch here. Since we are fetching a REST API query using the HTTP GET method, we will not get any headers in our response. You will need to add the HTTP Headers to your REST API GET Request and the same headers will be present in your Response.

How to convert JSON to Excel using Python?

I have some JSON text which I need to convert into an Excel file.

There is no XML format as per the JSON. How should I go about converting it to Excel? I'm using Python 2.7. Please help.

Incoming text: If you already have your dataset in CSV that's not much trouble. Use Python's json library to get your data.

Import json. JsonData = json.load(open("test.json", "rb")) # Your test.xls"
>>> wb = xlrd.openworkbook(filePath) >>> ws = wb.sheetbyindex(0) # The first sheet >>> for in range(3): rowHeaders append("-". For j in range(0, len(rowData), 3): # Range to iterate over each row of 3 elements
.write(j, 0, cellStr)
To save the out put as an xls file:

Can you convert a JSON file to Excel?


We have all the API and sample code. Simply run the download button below:

The sample code converts a JSON file into Excel for import into Excel. The sample code is available for free.

We know that you are here because you want to know how to convert a JSON file into Excel. There are a few options. One of which is using the API. The other is using a web service. The web service is the easiest option because it only takes a couple of seconds to do. But the API is the best because it can do anything. The API comes with a free sample code, so we are going to show you how to convert a JSON file to Excel using the sample code.

If you like this blog post, please share it on Facebook. Thanks! Using the API. If you already have the JSON file, you can convert it to Excel using the API. First, you will need a Python script. For this demo, we will use the requests library, which you can download here. You will need to install the requests library if you do not already have it. Once installed, you will need to run the following Python script.

Import requests import json def convertjsontoexcel(filename): r = requests.get(' params=}) r.encoding = "utf8" content = r.text response = json.loads(content) filename = '.xlsx'.format(filename) r =' data=response, headers=) with open(filename, 'wb') as f: f.write(response.text) print(" files created!format(filename))

Here is the full script. For those who prefer writing Python scripts from scratch, you can download the complete Python script here.

When you run this script, it will download an xlsx file in your current working directory. You can open it in Excel.

The script will download an xlsx file in the current directory.

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