What happens if I can't recover my Apple ID password?

What happens if I can't recover my Apple ID password?

I have an Apple ID for an iTunes Store account, and I want to change my email address on it. I can't seem to access my Apple ID password without being able to use my old email address, and I don't know how to change it.

When I go to "My Apple ID," I get this error message: "The requested Apple ID could not be validated. It may have been deleted or disabled, or it may have been recovered from backup."

How do I recover the password to my Apple ID? You can't. If you had a backup of your account, it might still be available in iCloud backup (if it was backed up before you tried to reset your password), but you can't change your password without access to that backup. I have no idea what you are talking about. There is no way to change your password without access to your backup. If there is a backup, it is your responsibility to recover it.

The "account is invalid" error occurs when your Apple ID password has changed since the last time you used it, and you've yet to sign in with that new password. Your old password won't work to get into the account. This is not true. My friend had a password reset because she changed her password on another computer. We got a message that the password was changed successfully. We then signed in with the new password, and the website recognized us as valid users.

That's not true. You can only change your password if you have access to the account's backup.

And in order to access the backup, you must log in with the password.

How do I recover my Apple ID without a phone number or trusted?

If I have a paid Apple ID, how do I recover my account and get it back to "trusted" status without providing a phone number or having a phone?

Without any phone number, if you have your own verified email address you can contact Apple Support and ask for an account recovery. They will send you a temporary verification code via email that you can enter into your Apple ID page, and then you should be able to select the "recover" option on the page that will show your account details. You will need to provide your email address and verify the recovery email, and then you can choose to accept or decline the reset of your password, in which case the temporary verification code expires.

How do I reset my Apple ID password without my phone number?

I've used my Apple ID as my log-in for the past several years.

Recently, I need to reset my password, but my iPhone 5S is broken. I tried resetting it, but I have an Apple ID that no longer works because I forgot my password. How can I reset my Apple ID password without my phone number?

How to reset your Apple ID password without a phone number. It looks like you need a phone number for some reason. When I tried to reset my password on my iPhone, it had to send me an email confirmation with a phone number and a confirmation code, which I didn't have. I do not have a phone number, but have been provided with a temporary number. If you don't have a phone number, you will be able to reset your Apple ID without a phone number by following the steps below.

Step 1. Visit the Passwords section in iTunes Go to the iTunes website, open the App Store, and select the Purchases tab. Click on Passwords in the left-hand navigation. Select My Account. Click on Reset Password. Step 2. Enter your Apple ID Go to the Passwords page. You can click on Reset Password. You will need to fill in your Apple ID information, and then enter a new password and a verification code. If your password is longer than 10 characters, you will need to confirm you're a human with a message from the site. Once you enter your account information, you will be able to reset your password and get the verification code. Copy and paste the verification code to the confirmation box.

Step 3. Reset your Apple ID Open your browser, and go to the Apple website. Click on Sign In at the top of the page. Fill in your information and enter your new password. If you want to make sure you're choosing the right password, click on the Send Code button. Enter the verification code you received in the confirmation box. If you don't have a phone number, you will get an email message.

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