What does it mean if your iPhone is in recovery mode?

What does it mean if your iPhone is in recovery mode?

How does it work?

If your iPhone is turned on, but the screen doesn't respond to a button or two taps, it's in "recovery mode". The first task here will be to see if there is a software issue -- if your iPhone still won't power on normally in recovery mode, it would be useful to contact Apple Support with your serial number and let them diagnose the issue. If they determine that the problem is with the hardware, they may provide a replacement.

What should I do? In many cases, this just means that you'll be asked to press the home button while holding down the lock button. Press it once, and you'll be greeted by a new "home" screen. On the iPhone 4S/4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c/5s, press and hold Home twice quickly. Once you're prompted to enter your passcode, press the home button to return to the regular screen.

What about my contacts? If you want to save your contacts, then your best option may be to use the computer via iTunes to transfer them over and then use iCloud backups to move them into the cloud. You can also use iCloud itself to add any new contacts (which will create new phone numbers for any contacts you want to have a backup) or, if you're comfortable enough with the command line, you can move any contacts you want to their own iPhone directly from iCloud.

Why is iOS 7 freezing? There are several possible causes, but most can be fixed by simply repeating the following steps. Step 1: Force Quit. If the issue still persists, you may want to force quit the Settings app. From your Home screen tap on the App Store, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on the "i" icon. You will now get a pop up to choose which apps to kill. Choose the Settings icon, then from the menu on the left side of the screen, select General->Usage, then Force Quit. You may get a warning dialog if the process is running, but the application should close as a result.

Step 2: Reset Network Settings. Sometimes iOS will get into a state where internet traffic can get garbled and become unresponsive. Try resetting your Wi-Fi settings and reboot to see if that helps.

How do I force my iPhone to recovery mode?

How do I wipe the data off of my iPhone?

To wipe the data on your iPhone, go into Settings > General > Reset, then click on Erase All Content and Settings and then tap Erase All Content and Settings. If you want to reset your iPhone then here is some good information: If you want to force your iPhone to factory restore then here is answer: You don't need a computer to do either of those two things. You can do it straight from the phone but there is a very small chance that it won't work. That's because doing so does not actually wipe your data from the phone. What you are doing when you do that is just a software reset which will reset the settings of your phone and restore it back to it's default state. So you will lose everything on your iPhone except for the phone's data (settings, apps installed, etc)
Go to the Settings tab of the Settings app in your device, tap General and tap Reset. Make sure that only Reset is selected, rather than anything else. Then tap the Resync now button.

This should wipe your data from your device if you've enabled that feature and reset the configuration.

How do I put my iPhone 11 in recovery mode without a computer?

You can put your iPhone in recovery mode by: Holding down the power button and home button.

for 10 seconds. Connecting your iPhone to a computer. Holding down the home and power buttons on your iPhone. Disconnecting from your computer. Source. It's important that you choose a recovery mode for your iPhone that is compatible with your model of iPhone. You can verify that you have chosen the correct recovery mode for your iPhone by performing one of these steps: Go to Settings > General > About. Look for your iPhone model name in the About section of the Settings app. If your iPhone model name is shown, then your recovery mode is correct. If your iPhone model name isn't shown, then your recovery mode is incompatible with your iPhone model.

Your iPhone should also show the firmware version of your iOS system. This firmware version also determines if your recovery mode is compatible with your iPhone model.

How do I put my iPhone in recovery mode without the power button?

If your iPhone is locked and will not let you get into recovery mode or if it has already been reset, you can still fix it.

Just be careful to avoid turning off the phone by mistake and avoid touching the screen.

If your phone is stuck in Recovery Mode, press and hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for several seconds until your phone vibrates. Turn off the device. When you see the Apple logo screen, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the logo disappears, then press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously again. You will now be in Recovery Mode. To perform a Hard Reset, hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After the Apple logo appears, release the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons.

The phone will reboot. The iPhone screen will be off and your data will be erased. This is to fix an iPhone that is stuck in Recovery Mode or has been reset and cannot normally connect to iTunes or other data connection.

You will need to unlock your iPhone so you can sync it with iTunes. You do this by going to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Then tap Change Passcode and create a new one. Do this several times until you see iPhone passcode required on the lock screen.

Once your iPhone has been unlocked, you can sync it with iTunes using the steps in Apple's own guide. What happens when I don't connect my iPhone to iTunes or the iCloud? If you are not connected to the internet, you will not be able to update your iOS software, transfer your data to your computer or restore your device to its factory settings. However, you can still fix your iPhone by following these steps. Go to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings. If you are already in iTunes, skip this step. Once the reset process is complete, you will need to sync your phone again. Once you do that, it should go through the process of restoring your device.

Why does the device not recognize the SIM card in my iPhone?

How do I put my iPhone in recovery mode without a computer?

My phone works fine, but now all my data is gone.

I can use some of the apps and the iPhone is responsive, but the contacts, messages, itunes, and everything else are gone!

I thought I'd buy an iPhone5s at the same time I bought my daughter an iPhone5c in the hope that they'd work on the same data plan. I'm a techy guy who likes to tinker with computers so I'm trying to find ways around the problems.

Do I need a computer to put my phone into recovery mode? Is there something I can do on my computer that will allow me to put my iPhone into a safe mode and access iCloud without wiping the phone? Your iPhone is not the problem. Your daughter has the iPhone 5c on the same data plan as you do and I'm sure she can access your iCloud backup.

If you want to restore your iPhone you need to download the latest iTunes (8.0.2) and then connect your phone to the computer. Go to the General tab in the main settings window, select Restore from Backup, then point iTunes to your iCloud backup. It will create a new iTunes Library on your hard drive.

My advice is that it's not possible to access your iCloud backup without wiping the phone. If your daughter could not access your iCloud backup then you'd have to buy an iPhone 5S and get the latest iOS (8.1.2) then create an iCloud backup.

Will recovery mode erase everything iPhone?

How to fix error message iPhone 5s?

I just got the error message from my iPhone, and it said that it required an iCloud backup. Does that mean I should backup all my photos to iCloud and other content in my phone if I want to keep them? I don't see any options to delete the contacts/messages etc. Is it even possible for me to do a restore from recovery mode? Is this going to erase all my files such as apps, messages, contacts, music etc? If it will, what are my best options for backing up my stuff? Help pls!
If you get an iTunes error message, then yes, iCloud backup is now available. If that happens, then there's nothing to be lost, you can always go back.

If you get this error, try turning it off, then turn it back on again (reboot would be easier). Then do a backup with iTunes, but first check for a full backup with settings > General > iCloud Backup.

When you turn on iCloud, you have to re-sync your phone via iTunes to make sure everything has synced. This way you avoid any issues due to missing content.

Now, what to do with any pictures you have taken recently. It's simple, delete or move them. There should be no problem, but make sure to also back up your contacts in case you delete or lose them.

The only way to recover a lost file is if you know the last folder path in which you stored your file. What the other users are talking about here is using advanced data recovery software to try and find out where your file was located on your phone. And for you that can mean a full factory reset, but for others just restoring the data is enough.

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