Why is my iPhone 13 so slow to load Safari?

Why is Safari not loading pages?

I'm a new member here and I wanted to give you an idea about our situation. We've been running a site for several years without any problem (and the same is for Safari on all our devices and other browsers, like Opera, Firefox.) and we just noticed that at some point (I think it started after yesterday) Safari just did not work anymore, not showing the pages, not answering on web inspector but it was fine until a week ago or so. At first we thought were hacked (although we've had no downtime, no one have asked us for any info and we haven't change anything) so we put a new domain for our project, didn't change anything on the DNS settings (they're still setted with the same values as before) so I don't understand why and what could happen (I'm working with two dev-sites, one for clients and another for personal project, I think that's the reason weren't aware of this problem before, but now they both share the same setup on Safari, I can make a trial with any of them, so it's the same thing). But well, I'll take any kind of help here, I really wanna get this cleared up.

Thx to all. 1 Answer. The best way to find out what the problem is the test the web page in both Safari and Chrome by clicking the web address directly in Safari or by typing in the browser bar in Chrome and then enter the web address. If the result shows up in either window it means something's not connected correctly. If it's consistent between them then the problem should be somewhere in the DNS servers. If you are using different IP's behind the same server then you may need to use an FQDN instead of just a name. But if you need more assistance with your network please do comment.


Your Answer. Unless you see an error (for example it won't load) Safari doesn't load anything until there's a problem, so all you need to do is check whether there are any errors. Clicking the site in Chrome loads it instantly, so you know the server is working okay.

How do I fix Safari not loading web pages on iPhone 13?

I'm using a new 13.4" iPad with iPhone SE sim and iOS 13. This is the only device I use for web browsing. Every other device is on a different network (Windows 10). I've tried to update Safari but it won't launch the app, or it says it's upgrading or updating but it never does. I also ran the reset Safari for my entire device and had no luck. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.

There are two ways to install safari on iPhone SE and iPod Touch 8th Generation. Method 1: Download from Apple's official App Store and Install Safari on your iPhone SE. Login with the iTunes Account and Open the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Then follow all the steps on your iPhone SE to finish the reset.

Open the Settings app > General > Reset Home Button. This method requires iTunes account to confirm which device to reset home button.

The next time you open the Settings app > General > Reset Home Button, you'll get a "iPhone/iPad/iPod touch" device popup. Choose your iPhone SE (or your iPod Touch 8th Generation). And follow the setup steps as mentioned in above three steps. The Home Button will be restored back to the factory default position.

Method 2: If you don't have iTunes account and need to reset all data, you can choose to Reset the device completely. It will erase all data on your device. Please backup your important data first.

Open the Settings app > General > Reset Home Button. Choose your iPhone SE (or your iPod Touch 8th Generation). Try both methods, the second method should work with iTunes.

How do I reset Safari on my iPhone 13?

By default, Safari will automatically save and restore your past browsing history. To make Safari always forget everything you've ever seen, follow these steps: Tap Safari at the top of the Home screen. At the bottom, you'll see two settings icons. Tap Settings.

On the General section, make sure to select Never Remember History. If you still want to view what you've looked up on the Internet, tap Safari from the Home screen and then tap History. You'll see your recent history in a list.

If you really don't want to see history, you can also delete all your browsing history from your iPhone. 1? To make Safari always forget everything you've ever seen, follow these steps: Open the Safari app. If you really want to view everything you've searched for online, you can also delete all your browsing history. Where do I find old Apple IDs? Apple provides a web-based tool to find your old Apple IDs. Follow these steps: Tap Safari and then tap Find My iPhone. In the pop-up that appears, choose iCloud, iTunes & App Store.

Why is my iPhone 13 so slow to load Safari?

This is not a problem that will cause any significant problem, and is easily corrected by updating your software. If you find yourself with a new iPhone that has become sluggish over a period of days or weeks, this article will show you how to solve it easily. The method requires you to install Apple's latest firmware update (iOS 12.1), which should be readily available in the App Store.

Apple iOS 12 is one of the most popular operating systems on the planet, but like any technology, we live with the flaws and bugs that are inevitable. Apple is constantly improving their products, adding new features and fixing the ones that don't work as intended. But sometimes, Apple just seems to go above and beyond, and create a huge problem for all owners of their devices. We'll talk about these cases now.

One of the problems that some of us have found is the issue with Safari being very slow to load on an iPhone or iPad. While not everybody will encounter this problem, this happens so often that you should still be prepared for it. Here's what I mean:

Safari loading times can take more than 20 seconds. Yes, that really does mean more than 20 seconds. Just try it out. How long does it take for Safari to open? This isn't as big of a deal as some of the time it actually takes to actually load a page. But as long as a web page is loaded after over 20 seconds, there is a major problem here.

IPhone XS in portrait mode (16 GB RAM). This was one of my first signs that the problem with Safari was getting worse. I was playing around on Youtube, browsing websites, taking pictures and everything, and it would just freeze. It didn't always freeze though. Sometimes it would load faster than normal, and other times it would be excruciatingly slow. I've had issues like this on older phones, but I'd only ever experience it a handful of times in my life.

But suddenly, it started happening a lot. And then it started happening even more. I figured it was probably something with my iPhone, and that I needed to get the latest software update.

After installing iOS 12.1, I installed Safari again, and still no luck. I kept testing.

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