Can I share my VPN connection via a hotspot on Android?

Are there any other ways to share my VPN connection?

if I have an internet connection via an isp for example, can I use a vpn client to get my internet from the isp for a specified time? bruce: A VPN client doesnt "use" your internet connection. bruce: A VPN client only creates a tunnel (tun). ok, so any suggestions? a VPS. :). lol, ok. And does it take up extra bandwidth on my host machine? bruce: No . You have control over your own ISP . A VPN connection will increase latency, and maybe speed . But I am not certain . In a large system ( and you are ) that would be miniscule .
bruce: A VPN client is a client - nothing else. bruce: yeah, if you don't trust the VPS's provider then you're unlikely to get away with one, since they have root access. How do I set default gateway in ubuntu. Guest95849: Which ubuntu are you using? Guest95849: you can't. 14.04.02
No. daftykins, What do u mean I cant? Guest95849: Thats no Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
Guest95849: that's not a route you can control yourself. ok, thanks. Anyone know how to configure multiple users on ubuntu 12.04 without being forced to manually configure per user each time it starts? it will never show multiple users. All users just show as 1.samba

Can I share my VPN connection via a hotspot on Android?

Is it possible to share my WiFi network via VPN and connect Android phones, tablets to it? I have a mobile device that doesn't get any internet connection. Only one. For other devices that can get internet connection I want them to use my home connection instead of their local mobile data connection.

I have an iPad with the only iOS data plan with unlimited data. I tether it to my computer whenever I need to use my iPad, using either USB or Wi-Fi.e. I just leave the computer plugged into my house's power (even when it's not connected). Once I am in my house, I close the door and it is always connected! Tethering the iPad means that it uses the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) interface, meaning my Mac has no issues at all with it, so I don't need anything special done to my router/modem.

You could use DD-WRT. The instructions to config it on a netgear router that I have are here. It works perfectly and if you don't know how to connect android device to it then try going through the wiki on the site.

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