How do I get around a blocked chrome extension?

How do I add an extension to chrome as administrator?

I am developing a chrome extension that uses the google.runtime API to detect when the browser window is focused and perform some actions if a window is focused. I would like to be able to modify my extension so that it can be used as an administrator extension. I've tried adding the "permissions" section to my manifest.json file but the only permissions I get are for "tabs", "background", and "locale". I can't seem to find a way to add another extension with this method. Does anyone have any ideas?

The permission you are looking for is, but it is not listed in the documentation.

If you follow the documentation, you will find it in the third section of the document, entitled Extensions for webpages.

How do you add extensions when blocked?

I'm having a weird issue where my blocklist is no longer updating itself when I enable or disable extensions. In my blocklist, I have "Disconnect" selected and I have the extensions "Mozilla Sync" and "Facebook". I can't get those options to appear in the extensions section. I've tried both enabling and disabling them and I even cleared my local storage cache and still nothing happens.

My blocklist works fine for other sites, but it doesn't work on Facebook, Mozilla Sync, or Google Analytics. The blocklist extensions extension has some problems with Mozilla Sync and Facebook. There is a fix (still in the works) that will make these extensions available in the blocklist again. These two extensions can still be used normally outside of the blocklist (like they always worked). The blocklist extensions extension will display a message when you are not connected to the internet, saying that you need to enable these extensions to use them.

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