How do you scrape API in Python?

How do you scrape API in Python?

I know there's a module called Scrapy, but is there a simpler way?
For example, you can write python code that scrapes and parses pages automatically, and this would be an amazing tool to get around many of the issues I mentioned earlier. I know there are programs like CutePDF that can do it, but I'm hoping to find something more straightforward.

Any ideas? I've used scrapy to scrape web pages for a while now. Here are some of my experiences: Its very convenient for doing quick explorations of a particular web site. You can quickly see what the pages look like, grab data, parse it and so on.

Scrapy makes the whole process of scraping pretty painless and has a lot of convenient features. You can make multiple requests per-page and get data from multiple domains (via domain sharding).

It's a lot of fun. The learning curve is pretty steep, but it's quite rewarding once you get the hang of it.

It's easy to throw together a working spider for a given web site. Scrapy doesn't give you very much control over the crawler. You can't really do much about the fact that the first time you crawl a site it'll be slow. You can't tell the crawler how to load external javascript files, for example. There's no easy way to do batch updates to the crawler (i.e. "go into maintenance mode" while you're upgrading your web site). There's also a bit of a learning curve with Scrapy's spider management. You have to be careful how you use middlewares, but this is also why its such a fun project to work on -- you get to invent your own crawler rules.

Scrapy seems to be getting a lot of community interest. The mailing list is pretty active and the project has been well reviewed on github. So if you're really interested in scraping you might want to try it out.

I haven't used Watin, but that's another option. I think its nice because it keeps the UI state (which is important when scraping) and it doesn't require installing a bunch of other stuff (python and a browser).

How do you scrape using API?

If you're scraping using an API, you should use the API itself to scrape, rather than scraping with the API. The API will be much faster and better quality.

To use the API, you should use the API-specific documentation. If you're scraping using the API, you should use the API's data structures and the API's methods to build the scraping code. For example, if you're scraping a Twitter stream, you should use the Twitter API's Streaming API, and use the Twitter API's Streaming API methods to build your scraping code. If you're scraping using the API, you should use the API's data structures to build the scraping code.

What is scraper in Python?

Scrapy is a Python framework to crawl the web. It is based on the spider model, which is very similar to the idea of a web crawler. It implements an event driven architecture which helps in keeping the code clean and less prone to error. For example, suppose you want to crawl the following URLs: import scrapy # define the meta information of the spider (e., title) meta = class HelloSpider(scrapy.Request(url=self.url, callback=self.parse) request.url # set the callback function that will be called # once the spider is done crawling.

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