How do I fix my Spotify proxy settings?

How do I allow Spotify through my Mac firewall?

In the past I've used MacFoil to block requests for the Spotify website from reaching my computer. However, it appears that if the same request issued to a streaming application like Spotify, then MacFoil doesn't seem to make a difference.

How can I block requests to the domain while still allowing requests to the Spotify app to reach my computer? I ended up finding out how this was possible. All requests to Spotify go through port 80 and they look like this: GET /connect.php?api=1&openid.mode=popup&openid.returnto= uest%2Fext1.0&openid.ext3.mode=idres&openid.

How do you fix a firewall may be blocking Spotify Auth 73?

m In fact after 2 or 3 weeks with no WiFi connectivity it just suddenly decided it was ready to use the Internet.

And sure enough, my music downloads and stream work just fine for a couple days.

The issue here is the lack of logging by the spotify server - at some point Spotify says it stopped the connection, but my router still indicates there is an active WiFi connection (WiFi icon orange). And the router isn't blocking any port by default, which leads me to believe it's a port forwarding issue. Since Spotify connects with a standard HTTP connection (no ports are forwarded) and the network works fine, I suspect it might have something to do with how Spotify works behind my router.

Today I got the final word from Spotify, and this seems to address my problem. I guess the solution is not very satisfying, in the sense that if you have several wifi networks in your home/office, like I did in this case, you need to keep track of what network you have, and what you have connected to that network. Which sucks. But that's how many companies manage to make money I guess. I never found any other way around it. At least this way I could avoid using a VPN.

Spotify, I hope you're happy with this! So, here's the fix: Go to on your computer. This should open the Spotify login page.

Once logged in, click on the Settings button. Click My networks in the Security section. If you see any checkboxes checked, uncheck them.

Uncheck everything, especially your Open ports when I start my computer and Open port on public Wi-Fi hotspots. Just leave them unchecked.

Click Save changes. Now you'll be able to connect to any internet-enabled device as long as you're already connected to a particular wireless network. Hope this helps!

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