Where do I put OpenVPN certificate?

How do I add a certificate to OpenVPN app?

I am new to VPN, so I was hoping someone here could help me with this. I've bought a certificate from Digicert () and installed it. The key is installed correctly since I can access my openvpn server with the right certificate details.

Now what I would like to do is to install the OpenVPN app on my mac and have it access my openvpn server with the certificate I created. Is there anyway to do this? Do I need to purchase another certificate from Digicert or maybe a different app? Thank you! What this really means is that you're accessing a TLS web site using a TLS connection (ie, HTTPS) and then using the standard certificate validation mechanism of Mac OS X to make sure that the Certificate Authority that signed that certificate has also signed your certificate. This is not how OpenVPN works. It has nothing to do with certificates and your application simply connects to the OpenVPN server on the internet over whatever protocol it wants.

Instead, install the OpenVPN configuration file. Create a configuration file for OpenVPN to use and place it in the same directory as your installed OpenVPN binary.
# OpenVPN. Port 1194. Proto udp. Dev tun0. Ca ca.crt cert server.crt key server.key dh2048.pem server 10.0 255.0
Push "route 192.168.0"
Ifconfig-push 10.23 192.0
Ifconfig-push 172.1 172.2

How do I import a certificate into OpenVPN Mac?

- What are you doing with OVPN? I.E, your VPN Server?

Also, is there an easy way to copy multiple .ovpn files into one .

I used this guide: I used this link to find out about certs. Thanks!I do not provide technical support for my projects on this forum or any other forum anywhere else on the Internet. I WILL answer questions when anyone buys something from me and sends me money. The ONLY reason I would answer a question is if I needed to keep a customer satisfied in order to sell something.

It sounds like what you need are two keys and two certificates. First, you import a CA key/cert pair into Mac OS X using the steps outlined in my last post. I'm not aware of an automated method to import your CA and client private keys together (and they're separate keys not certificates). This is a "must-do" step when implementing a new system with a new site-to-site VPN link. See my tutorial here for guidance.

Second, you import a client key/cert pair into Mac OS X using the steps outlined in my last post. You don't need to have client CA key/cert pairs in your system if you're using the client config with CredCACerts= directive as noted in the tutorial. However, having at least two client CA pairs will allow you to connect two OpenVPN clients at the same time, assuming they each have their own set of valid OpenVPN client certificates that you've imported into OpenVPN Mac. This works even if the user doesn't actually use the client certificates to log in to OpenVPN Mac. Having two key/cert pairs allows you to establish a backup VPN link, should the primary VPN link fail and you need to make an immediate fix to avoid getting cut off from the Internet.

Where do I put OpenVPN certificate?

I want to set up an OpenVPN client with my server, I have set up the server and the client can connect to it fine. However, I cannot figure out how to place the certificate on the client machine. I keep finding references to certificates being in a folder like this:
/etc/openvpn/ca.crt /etc/openvpn/client.crt What is the proper way to do this? And if someone could help me with the specific part where I can tell the client machine what its certificate is, that would be appreciated. You should probably just use the client.crt and ca.crt from the directory above: /etc/openvpn
The certificate files in /etc/openvpn are for the OpenVPN daemon and are not for the clients. The directory above /etc/openvpn (which is /etc) is where your clients will store their certificates.

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